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Poseidon Energy employee ID card

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Poseidon Energy employee ID card
Icon holotape.png
QuestsThat Lucky Old Sun
Base ID000e36la

Poseidon Energy employee ID card is a miscellaneous item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Similar in appearance to holotapes, two of them are found during the quest That Lucky Old Sun. It can be used to activate a repair robot in the solar collection tower to complete the That Lucky Old Sun quest, which is necessary if your repair skill is insufficient to do the repairs yourself.


Two are located in HELIOS One, in the solar collection tower. They are past the Mister Gutsy. At the bottom of the multi-leveled stairwell, turn south, away from the protectron, then east into the room. They are in the southern end of the room, on the floor near a skeleton and some desks.