Poseidon Power Management System

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Poseidon Power Management System v., developed by Poseidon Energy, was s a fully automated power management solution, capable of monitoring and maintaining a modern nuclear power plant and its distribution network with minimal human oversight.[1] Poseidon Energy and/or its subsidiaries were not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of PPMS and typically noted that on-site human operators and maintenance personnel were still required by law.[2]

Dedicated PPMS Modules were responsible for controlling each the plant's key subsystems: its Reactor, Generators, and Cooling Towers. In the event of a critical failure in any of these systems, PPMS would initiate a controlled shutdown of the plant, which would remain offline until all systems have been sufficiently repaired to allow the plant to be restarted safely.[3]

Furthermore, the PPMS Power Distribution Module conducted real-time demand monitoring, automatically recalibrating power generation to meet end-user needs without surges, brownouts, or the need for expensive load-balancing systems.[4]