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For an overview of pre-War books appearing in the Fallout series of games, see pre-War book.
Pre-War book
Pre-War Book 01.png
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The generic green pre-War book
UsesRock-It Launcher ammunition
Value5 (blue)
1 (green)
QuestsYearning for Learning
Base ID000943f2 (rare blue)

A pre-War book is a fairly rare miscellaneous item in Fallout 3.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Pre-War books are books that have not been destroyed, burned, or otherwise rendered unreadable. In the Capital Wasteland, these books come in two different versions: a generic green, and rare blue. Aside from use as Rock-It Launcher ammunition, the green books are desired by Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel, specifically, to the Order of the Quill.

Locations[edit | edit source]

G.E.C.K. shows that there are 110 pre-War books ("BookGeneric01") in the game, more are added with add-ons. The links below often tell you where to find them:

Location Amount Description
Alexandria Arms 1 1 in the large room upstairs, atop an L-shaped counter along the northern wall of the room. The room is east from the entrance through a set of double doors.
Arlington Library 11 3 in the Lobby, 5 in the Children's Wing, and 3 in the media archives.
Anchorage War Memorial 3 3 in the utility room.
Bethesda Ruins 2 Only room on the second floor of the Bethesda Offices West, on top of the filing cabinets to the west.
Broadcast tower KT8 2 In the room with the computer terminals.
Calverton 1 In a house with a scavenger and his dog, far east of the main town area. The house can be found by following the power lines east past the aforementioned truck, a billboard, and a series of small shacks. It's just before reaching a large power pylon. The book is on a table to the right of a couch under a small scorched book, and it must be stolen.
Charnel House 2 NW in a mined ruined house with sandbags, occupied by a scavenger.
Chryslus building 1 Room above the building basement doorway
Cliffside Cavern 1 Towards the northwest chamber inside of a tent on a small round table. You will also find a mini nuke in the same tent. When you see the raider with the missile launcher you'll know you're in the right place.
Clifftop Shacks 1 Abandoned shack.
Dupont Circle 1 On a bookcase in an abandoned house guarded by raiders. Northwest of Dupont East and south of Dupont Northeast.
Farragut West Station 3 Inside an Average locked storeroom near the Tenleytown/Friendship station exit.
Fort Constantine 3 2 in CO Quarters, 1 in the Launch Control Bunker.
Franklin Metro Utility 3 2 in one zone, 1 in another.
Germantown police HQ 1 In the cell block next to the computer where Red is locked up.
Hubris Comics 2 1 in the Publishing, 1 in Printing.
L.O.B. Enterprises 2 East wing
Mama Dolce's 2 Located on the highest floor on a desk in a room with a Nuka-Cola vending machine, first aid box and an active terminal.
Megaton 4 Inside Billy Creel's house (must be stolen).
Minefield 9 Inside the houses
National Archives 5 In The National Archives section on bookshelves. 1 on main floor, 4 downstairs from that.
National Guard depot 6 1 in one zone, 2 in another, 3 in a third.
Oasis 1 After entering the Sunken Chambers, walk until you can turn left, do so, and continue forward until you reach a table with a blue trunk on the ground to the right. The book in on the top of the trunk next to a box of darts.
Our Lady of Hope Hospital 1 On the western curved counter in the large waiting room area.
Paradise Falls 1 Slave house, on a table.
Point Lookout Lighthouse Point LookoutGametitle-FO3 PL.png 2 2 can be found on the same desk in a side room of the corridor in Professor Calvert's Lab.
Radio mast Oscar Tango 1 South of the Jury Street Metro Station.
Republic of Dave 2 In the Museum of Dave, must be stolen.
RobCo facility 3 One in the shelves behind reception desk, one around the computers in the control room (near the Big Book of Science), and one in the mainframe room.
Roosevelt Academy 1 Scavenger's half-destroyed house, one square west of Fort Bannister. It is on a table along with a sawed-off shotgun and ammunition.
Sewer waystation 2 In a room in which you are attacked by a ghoul (Gallo), the books are next to the bed.
Signal Alfa Lima 1 Near Broadcast Tower KB5.
Signal Oscar Zulu 1 Southeast of Relay Tower KX-B8-11.
Signal Papa November 1 West of the Charnel House.
Signal Sierra Romeo 2 North of Little Lamplight.
Sniper shack 1 Abandoned Shack west of Rockbreaker's Last Gas. On the table to the left of the locker that contains the Victory rifle.
Temple of the Union 1 Caleb's bed
Tepid sewer 2 One in the locked storage room (opened via a terminal or Rocksalt's key) underneath some other books in a box, and one in the raider's sleeping quarters on top of the bookshelves.
Vault 92 5 Scattered around.
Yao guai tunnels 1 On the table by the entrance.

Related quests[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Crazy Wolfgang and a few other vendors may sell "false" pre-War books. Once you fully invest in his inventory, Wolfgang will begin to carry them. Books that can be turned in have a value of 1, a green cover, and show a special "Book" icon, while Wolfgang's books have a value of 5, a blue cover, and appear with the "Junk" icon in your inventory (not stacking with the regular ones). These "false" pre-War books can be found throughout the Wasteland, Point Lookout, and Mothership Zeta as well.
  • Carrying more than 99 pre-War books and telling Scribe Yearling "just take all the books I have" will cause her to take only 99 books, yet give you caps and XP for all the books you carry. For example, carrying 110 pre-War books and giving them all to the scribe leaves you with 1100 XP, 11000 caps and 11 books left.
  • A blue and a green pre-War book can be found in the Operation: Anchorage add-on. Neither can be taken into your inventory.