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Project Purity terminals

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Project Purity terminals can be found in terminals in Fallout 3's Project Purity.

Bigsley's Terminal


Water Distribution Mission and Personal Logs

Mission Reports


Mission Logs

Big Town Report


Big Town Mission Report:

Mission failure. Ambushed by Mutants. Lost one initiate, caravan driver, and mule. Survivor in critical condition at Citadel.

Megaton Report


Megaton Mission Report:

Mission successful. Met a local wandering outside the city, a Mother Cure. Dropped off the goods with instructions to distribute.

Rivet City


Rivet City Mission Report:

Mission Successful.

 [We ought to just build a pipeline. - B.]



Available Assets:

1 Plasma Rifle
2 Power Armor Suits
4 Assault Rifles
1 Mini-gun
1 Missile Launcher (3 missiles)
6 Medkits
20+ Chems (various)

Petty Cash Account


24 Caps (no that's not a typo)



Logs, Scribe Bigsley

Day One


This place is a total disaster. Hopefully I'll get this distribution system set up soon and I can get back to the Citadel. Shouldn't take more than two weeks. I've already been in consultation with the Rivet City Council. They have tentatively agreed to take over the Water Distribution Network for us once we've worked out the kinks. Something tells me there's going to be more than a few of those.



I think Rothchild is really upset with me this time. He sent me Scribes who apparently failed their Cartography training. I don't have time for this.

Work with me, people.


I'm getting practically no cooperation. Rothchild ignores my messages. And the Knights stuck with delivery duties are more than a little resentful. I don't want to have to send them out anymore than they want to go.

Dr Li.


Dr. Li left today. Went up north to the Commonwealth. What a bitch. She couldn't handle the fact that even these morons Rothchild sent me were capable of improving upon her work. It's no wonder she never got the thing working without help in the first place. Anyway, to hell with Dr. Li. Good riddance.

First Casualty


First casualty reported today. I know compared to the death tolls of the war it will barely register back at the Citadel. But still I hate being responsible, even indirectly, for another man's death. It brings back unpleasant memories.



So many caravans missing in action. The Rivet City escorts I can understand. They haven't had much blooding, holed up in that boat of theirs. Sure, I've gotten more Initiates than full fledged Knights, since it's all hands in war. But still, even a couple of heavily armed Initiates should be able to handle escorting a mule and driver across the wastes.



So this Ghoul from Underworld, Griffon, offered to pay me for shipments of water. Lyons wouldn't approve, but I don't care. We need the caps and the technology he's offering. I can use it to fund the other deliveries.

One day Lyons will come to his senses and agree that selling the water is the smartest thing. Let supply and demand fuel the delivery system. This bleeding heart charity of his is going to bring down the Brotherhood. We're at war! We shouldn't be expending resources on delivering water. At any rate, we can do that after we wipe out the Enclave. Sometimes I wonder if Lyons has gone senile.

I should delete this entry in case someone important audits my files. Ah, screw it. It might be time for me to leave the Brotherhood, anyway. Not sure where'd I go, though.

Where are they?


Where the hell is everyone? So many caravans still MIA.



Lepelletier keeps sending me dispatches requesting additional resources. I don't have anything for her. Not sure they'll be able to handle this water distribution after all. Great. I'll be stuck here forever.



I'm ignoring Megaton's requests for more water until I can determine what the hell happened. The caravan reported in, successful. I have no reason to doubt the report.



Heard that the kid who helped start the Purifier finally woke up.

Missing Shipments


I think Lyons suspects something. He must have a plant here. How the hell would he know about the "missing" water shipments? I've been stonewalling him. How the hell does he have time to worry about us with that war going on?

Project Purity Scientists


I'm seriously considering murdering these Project Purity lab coats. Ungrateful, whining, good-for-nothing, bothersome ingrates the lot of them.



I wish somebody would fix that leak! The dripping is driving me crazy!

So tired...


I dno't rember teh last time I slept for more than tihrty minutes. I'm so damn tired jkhkjksdfg sdfgssdfgsd ha. apparently I just nodded off and hit my face on the keyboard. I can't take this anymore!!!!11!!

New Personal Mantra


I give up. This is hopeless.