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Project Burke

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Project: Burke was a code-name for the Big Mountain Research and Development Center's resource requirement project for the company's various projects, until 2077. This project was dedicated towards acquiring deceased human specimens for Big Mountain experimentation. However, outside of ordinary procurement operations for the procurement of creature specimens, this project was little more than grave robbing and highly illegal (its sister project: Project: Hare may have been as well). Rumors of this project ended up circulating around the center, including a particularly damaging rumor, which suggested that the bodies were used for more controversial purposes than led to believe. These rumors were profusely denied by the test supervisor, Dr. Adam Figgis, and the projects were justified by the allegation of "Budget cuts."[1]


Project: Burke is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Old World Blues.


Behind the scenes

This project was named for the Burke and Hare murders.