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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a person in a vault suit.}
{101}{}{You see a citizen of the Enclave.}
{102}{}{You see a pale but healthy looking citizen.}
{103}{}{Might as well rest a bit.}
{104}{}{Wonder what the safety movie is tonight?}
{105}{}{What are you?}
{106}{}{The weather's always the same here.}
{107}{}{The Project is proceeding well.}
{108}{}{It's a shame about Vice-President Bird.}
{109}{}{My next shift isn't for a few hours yet.}
{110}{}{God bless America.}
{111}{}{The Project is our salvation.}
{112}{}{I'm sure glad I'm not on the mainland.}
{113}{}{Just another drill.}
{114}{}{What's all that racket?}
{115}{}{That's the reactor alarm.}
{116}{}{Uh, oh.}
{117}{}{Better find some Rad-X, again.}
{118}{}{That thing's always breaking down.}
{119}{}{I feel sunburnt.}
{120}{}{Is it getting hotter in here?}
{121}{}{This isn't good.}
{122}{}{Shit, shit, shit.}
{123}{}{Where's my breather mask?}
{124}{}{Something smells funny.}
{125}{}{I don't feel too good.}
{126}{}{The air burns my throat.}
{127}{}{Man, do I have some nasty heartburn.}
{128}{}{My lungs are on fire.}
{129}{}{I think I need a breathe of fresh air.}
{130}{}{Is it getting darker in here?}
{131}{}{So sleepy, must rest.}
{132}{}{I think I'll just sit down for a bit.}
{133}{}{Another drill?}
{134}{}{I thought I heard gunfire.}
{135}{}{Hey, who're you?}
{136}{}{Halt! Who goes there?}
{137}{}{I get so tired of these drills all the time.}
{138}{}{Yeah, like I'd recognize an intruder.}
{139}{}{Don't worry about it.}
{140}{}{The troopers will take care of us.}
{141}{}{Where's a trooper when you need one?}
{142}{}{I just need to stay calm - stay calm.}
{143}{}{I'll never finish this.}
{144}{}{I'd sure rather be somewhere else.}
{145}{}{That terminal operator was kind of cute.}
{146}{}{This doesn't make sense.}
{147}{}{I'm underpaid for this.}
{148}{}{I'm doing everyone else's work.}
{149}{}{Why don't people do what they're supposed to?}
{150}{}{Just hit a terminal if it doesn't work-fixes 'em every time.}
{151}{}{This pong game is cool. Hope nobody catches me.}
{152}{}{I need some caffeine.}