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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a researcher.}
{101}{}{You see a member of the Enclave's scientific staff.}
{102}{}{You see a member of the United States Chemical Corps.}
{103}{}{I sure wish these results made sense.}
{104}{}{This is crap!}
{105}{}{This data's consistent.}
{106}{}{These points give a good curve.}
{107}{}{What's the standard deviation?}
{108}{}{I'm waiting for these compounds to equilibrate.}
{109}{}{This spectrometer is fucked up.}
{110}{}{Where's the maintenance crew when you need them?}
{111}{}{I just calibrated the IR-spectrometer.}
{112}{}{How did the recrystalization go?}
{113}{}{The synthesis is complete, doctor.}
{114}{}{Excellent work.}
{115}{}{The Project is going according to plan.}
{116}{}{Excellent results here.}
{117}{}{What now?}
{118}{}{Radiation is really going to screw up my work.}
{119}{}{Just another drill.}
{120}{}{I can't leave my work now.}
{121}{}{I'll never make it to a shelter.}
{122}{}{I feel a little queasy.}
{123}{}{How do they expect me to work with no power?}
{124}{}{This is really going to fuck up my experiment.}
{125}{}{This is too much.}
{126}{}{They really ought to warn us when they're going to test the emergency systems.}
{127}{}{My lungs are burning.}
{128}{}{I can't see! Who turned out the lights?}
{129}{}{(Cough, hack, cough)}
{130}{}{(Splutter, cough)}
{131}{}{My throat's bleeding!}
{132}{}{My eyes are on fire!}
{133}{}{I feel sick.}
{134}{}{I'm getting too weak to stand here.}
{135}{}{Ohhhh nooooooo.}
{136}{}{I can see the light…I'm coming mother.}
{137}{}{I don't see anyone.}
{138}{}{Must be another security drill.}
{139}{}{Don't those troopers ever get tired of these drills?}
{140}{}{Not again - that's the second time this month.}
{141}{}{I've had it up to here with those jar-heads.}
{142}{}{They just *have* to feel important.}
{143}{}{What a waste of time.}
{144}{}{As though there'd be an intruder here.}
{145}{}{Yeah, where'd an intruder come from anyway?}
{146}{}{Like we wouldn't see an intruder approaching.}
{147}{}{Another alarm malfunction. Great.}
{148}{}{I don't have time for this shit.}
{149}{}{What do you want?}
{150}{}{Can't you see I'm working here?}
{151}{}{Go away. I'm busy.}
{152}{}{Don't you have anything better to do?}
{153}{}{I don't recall asking for any test subjects.}
{154}{}{What the hell do you want?}
{155}{}{Bugger off.}
{156}{}{Go pester someone else.}
{158}{}{This work is very delicate, go away.}