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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

# Quest descriptons
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# Arroyo Quests
{100}{}{Kill the evil plants that infest Hakunin's garden.}
{110}{}{Obtain flint to have Mynoc sharpen your spear.}
{120}{}{Rescue Nagor's dog, Smoke, from the wilds.}
{130}{}{Retrieve the GECK for Arroyo.}
{140}{}{Find Vic the Trader.}

# Den Quests
{200}{}{Free Vic from his debt by getting his radio from his house in Klamath and paying Metzger.}
{201}{}{Sabotage Becky's still.}
{202}{}{Get car part for Smitty.}
{203}{}{Return Anna's locket.}
{204}{}{Collect money from Fred.}
{205}{}{Get book from Derek.}
{206}{}{Deliver a meal to Smitty for Mom.}
{207}{}{Lara wants to know what is being guarded in the church.}
{208}{}{Get permission from Metzger for gang war.}
{209}{}{Find weakness in Tyler's gang guarding the church.}
{210}{}{Help Lara attack Tyler's gang.}

# Klamath Quests
{300}{}{Refuel the still.}
{301}{}{Rescue Smiley the Trapper.}
{302}{}{Guard the brahmin.}
{303}{}{Rustle the brahmin.}
{304}{}{Kill the rat god.}
{305}{}{Rescue Torr.}

# Modoc Quests
{400}{}{Something strange is happening at the farm northeast of Modoc. Investigate and report back to Jo.}
{401}{}{Cornelius has lost his gold pocket watch. Find it and return it to him.}
{402}{}{Farrel wants you to find Cornelius's gold pocket watch. Find it and return it to Farrel.}
{403}{}{Jonny is missing. Find him and bring him home to Balthas.}
{404}{}{Jonny's in the Slag caves. Find a way to get Jonny back home to Balthas.}
{405}{}{Farrel has a rodent problem in his garden. Remove the infestation.}
{406}{}{Deliver Slag message to Jo in Modoc.}
{407}{}{Jo is suspecious of the Slags. Find out about the dead bodies at the Ghost Farm and find out what happened to Karl.}
{408}{}{Go to the Den and tell Karl it's alright to come back home.}

# Vault City Quests
{500}{}{Get a plow for Mr. Smith.}
{501}{}{Deliver Moore's briefcase to Mr. Bishop in New Reno.}
{502}{}{Deliver a sample of jet to Dr. Troy.}
{503}{}{Solve the Gecko powerplant problem.}
{504}{}{Deliver Lynette's holodisk to Westin in NCR.}
{505}{}{Rescue Amanda's husband, Joshua.}
{506}{}{Deliver beer and booze (10 each) to Lydia.}
{507}{}{Deliver pliers (tools) and a wrench to Valerie.}
{508}{}{Scout the eight sectors around Gecko and return to Stark.}
{509}{}{Enter NCR and return to Stark.}

# Gecko Quests
{600}{}{Solve the Gecko powerplant problem.}
{601}{}{Repair the powerplant.}
{602}{}{Optimize the powerplant.}
{603}{}{Get super repair kit for Skeeter.}
{604}{}{Get 3-step plasma transformer for Skeeter.}
{605}{}{Find Woody the ghoul for Percy. Try the Den.}

# Broken Hills Quests
{701}{}{Fix the mine's air purifier.}
{702}{}{Find the missing people for Marcus.}
{703}{}{Beat Francis at armwrestling.}
{704}{}{Break Manson and Franc out of prison.}
{705}{}{Blow up the mine's air purifier.}
{706}{}{Divert more electrical power to Eric's home.}

# New Reno Quests
{800}{}{Recover your stolen car.}
{801}{}{Find out who was responsible for Richard Wright's overdose.}
{802}{}{ Suspect: Jagged Jimmy J}
{803}{}{ Suspect: Jules}
{804}{}{ Suspect: Lil' Jesus Mordino}
{805}{}{ Suspect: Renesco}
{806}{}{Find a way into the Sierra Army Base.}
{807}{}{Track down Pretty Boy Lloyd, recover the stolen money, and make an… example of him.}
{808}{}{Go visit Renesco the Rocketman and collect Mr. Salvatore's tribute of $1000.}
{809}{}{Help guard a secret transaction taking place in the desert.}
{810}{}{Find some endorphin blockers to make a cure for Jet.}
{811}{}{Bust up Wright's still beneath the train station.}
{812}{}{Assassinate Westin in NCR without making it look like a murder.}
{813}{}{Murder Carlson in NCR.}
{814}{}{Deliver ten Cat's Paw magazines to Miss Kitty.}
{815}{}{Deliver a laser pistol to Eldridge.}
{816}{}{Deliver Big Jesus's package to Ramirez at the Stables.}
{817}{}{Collect tribute from the Corsican Brothers.}
{818}{}{Assassinate Boss Salvatore for Big Jesus Mordino.}

# Sierra Army Base Quests

# Vault 15 Quests
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# New California Republic Quests
{1100}{}{Retrive Parts/Gain Access to Vault 15.}
{1101}{}{"Take care of Officer Jack" for Mira.}
{1102}{}{Complete brahmin drive.}
{1103}{}{Retrive papers from Dr Henry.}
{1104}{}{Test mutagenic serum on a super-mutant. Try Broken Hills.}
{1105}{}{Eliminate Mr. Bishop.}
{1106}{}{Deliver Westin's holodisk to Lynette in Vault City.}
{1107}{}{Get the map from the NCR Rangers, for Vortis the slaver.}
{1108}{}{Free the slaves in the slave pen, for the Rangers.}
{1109}{}{Deliver Hubologist's field report to AHS-9 in San Francisco.}
{1110}{}{Kill Hubologist in NCR for Merk.}
{1111}{}{Stop brahmin raids}
# Vault 13 Quests
{1200}{}{Fix the Vault 13 computer.}
{1201}{}{Talk to Goris.}

# Military Base Quests

# Redding Quests
{1400}{}{Find out who cut the whore.}
{1401}{}{Find the excavator chip}
{1402}{}{Break up the bar brawl.}
{1403}{}{Kill Frog Morton.}

# San Francisco Quests
{1500}{}{The tanker needs fuel.}
{1501}{}{The navigation computer needs the NavComp part to work.}
{1502}{}{You need to use a FOB to access the navigation computer.}
{1503}{}{Kill the Shi Emperor.}
{1504}{}{The Hubologists need plans for a vertibird from Navarro.}
{1505}{}{Steal the vertibird plans from the Shi.}
{1506}{}{The Hubologists need fuel for their spaceship.}
{1507}{}{Kill Badger so the tanker vagrants will embrace the Hub.}
{1508}{}{Kill the AHS-9.}
{1509}{}{The Shi need plans for a vertibird from Navarro.}
{1510}{}{Steal the vertibird plans from the Hubologists.}
{1511}{}{Find Badger's girlfriend in the hold below the ship.}
{1512}{}{The Dragon wants you to take out Lo Pan - hand to hand.}
{1513}{}{Lo Pan wants you to take out the Dragon - hand to hand, if possible.}
{1514}{}{Get Chip's spleen.}
{1515}{}{Get some hardened power armor from Crockett.}
{1516}{}{Get the vertibird plans for the Brotherhood of Steel.}
# Navarro Quests
#1515, ...
{1600}{}{Deal with the deathclaw.}
{1601}{}{Fix K9.}
{1602}{}{Retrieve the FOB from the base Commander.}

# The Enclave Quests

# The Abbey Quests

# Primitive Tribe Quests

# EPA Quests

# Ghost Town Quests

# Car outta Gas Quests

# Destroyed Arroyo Quests

# Toxic Caves Quests

# Den Slave Run Quests

# Raiders Quests

# Desert Encounter Quests

# Mountain Encounter Quests

# Ruined City Encounter Quests

# Coast Encounter Quests

# Golgotha Quests

# Vault 15 Quests
{3200}{}{Rescue Chrissy}
{3201}{}{Kill Darion}
{3202}{}{Complete Deal with NCR.}
{3203}{}{Give Spy Holodisk to authority in NCR.}