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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see Rayze of the Crypts.}
{101}{}{You are a Fool to come here.}
{102}{}{Why are you bothering me?}
{103}{}{Rock sent me.}
{104}{}{Nothing, just passing through.}
{105}{}{Tell me about the Fools.}
{106}{}{Tell me about the power generator.}
{107}{}{Oh, yeah. Why's that?}
{108}{}{He said I could get a cold glass of water.}
{109}{}{Rock said the Crypts were looking for members.}
{110}{}{Ha-ha! Nice try. Leave me alone.}
{111}{}{Could be. It looks like you got some talent. You think you could be a Crypt?}
{114}{}{Well, then. Let's try you out. We're gonna send you on a little mission. Go scout out the Fools to the north, and report back to me.}
{116}{}{I don't think so.}
{117}{}{Then little boys should leave before they get a spanking.}
{118}{}{We don't like strangers in our town. If you want to stay, you join us. If you don't, you might regret staying in Scrapheap.}
{119}{}{How do I join you?}
{120}{}{I ask and you say yes. You swear an oath when you sign on. If you break that oath, I send some of my boys to break you.}
{121}{}{Ok, I'll join.}
{122}{}{I don't think I want to play.}
{123}{}{You are not welcome here. Leave before you get buried.}
{124}{}{Are the Fools ready for our attack?}
{127}{}{I need to scout some more.}
{128}{}{It doesn't matter. Nothing will stop them from feeling the cold of death! They die now!}
{129}{}{Excellent. We will catch them unprepared. They die now!}
{130}{}{Hurry. I wish for the blood of Fools.}
{131}{}{They are my enemies. They will die. Now why do you bother me?}
{132}{}{Rock sent me.}
{133}{}{Nothing, just passing through.}
{134}{}{Tell me about the power generator.}
{135}{}{You should not ask questions about things you don't know about. The generator is ours, and it will remain ours. As long as we have it, we are in control. You ask too many questions.}
{138}{}{Haha! More fools to kill!!}
{139}{}{The only thing you Fools will rule is a tombstone.}
{140}{}{The droppings of Brahmin smell better than you.}
{141}{}{Even Lenny has better aim than you.}
{142}{}{You should not have lied to me. I know better. Go, scout the Fools and return. Do not tempt me.}
{143}{}{You cannot be trusted. That is a shame. You will die. This is a pleasure.}
{144}{}{We rule this town now!}
{145}{}{Now is not the time for questions. Now is the time to fight!}