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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a gambler.}
{101}{}{You see a gambler hoping to make some money.}
{102}{}{You see a nervously excited person gambling.}
{103}{}{Come on, baby needs new shoes.}
{104}{}{Yeah, that's the ticket!}
{106}{}{Why me?}
{107}{}{Can anyone spare me some change?}
{108}{}{I've got a sure thing this time.}
{109}{}{My system always works.}
{110}{}{This system stinks!}
{111}{}{This game is rigged!}
{112}{}{I'm the luckiest person alive!}
{113}{}{What did I do to deserve this?}
{117}{}{I've never seen anyone get that lucky before.}
{118}{}{That *seems* too good to be true.}
{119}{}{You better not win again.}
{120}{}{What's the house limit?}
{121}{}{House rules really say that?}
{122}{}{Yeah, you betcha.}
{123}{}{Let it ride.}
{124}{}{I'm going to double-up next time.}
{125}{}{Go baby, go baby…}
{126}{}{There goes my house.}
{127}{}{There goes my land.}
{128}{}{I just need a little more credit.}
{129}{}{My luck's about to change; I can feel it.}
{130}{}{Where's my lucky gecko-foot when I need it?}
{131}{}{What do you want?}
{132}{}{Back off, bub.}
{133}{}{Hey, don't jinx me.}
{134}{}{Are you giving me the evil eye?}
{135}{}{Hey, you're good luck.}
{136}{}{Can I pat your head for luck?}
{137}{}{Blow on these dice, will ya pal?}
{138}{}{Play or blow.}
{139}{}{This isn't a spectator sport, pal.}
{140}{}{I hope you don't change the odds.}
{141}{}{This table's unlucky.}
{142}{}{This table's lucky.}
{143}{}{Just a few more bucks and I'm going to walk away. I mean it this time.}
{144}{}{Don't crowd me here.}
{145}{}{Did you see that?}
{146}{}{I just can't believe that luck.}
{147}{}{Nice game, isn't it?}
{148}{}{I feel lucky today.}
{149}{}{This time's going to be different.}
{150}{}{Didn't know you folks were much for games of chance.}
{151}{}{It's all skill, I tell ya.}
{152}{}{Stand back and watch it happen.}
{153}{}{We're going to break the bank here, I just know it.}