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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a Redding Townsperson.}
{101}{}{This man looks as though he lives here.}
{102}{}{You see a mineworker.}
{103}{}{You see a farmer from Redding.}
{104}{}{You see a local man.}
{105}{}{You see a woman from Redding.}
{106}{}{This woman looks as though she lives here.}
{107}{}{You see a local woman.}
{108}{}{You see a woman who probably works in the mines.}
{109}{}{You see a farm-woman.}
{110}{}{What are you looking at?}
{111}{}{Welcome to the big city.}
{113}{}{Been in Redding long?}
{114}{}{First time in Redding, huh?}
{115}{}{We don't want any trouble here.}
{116}{}{I've been looking at you, too.}
{117}{}{Howdy, stranger.}
{118}{}{What's up?}
{119}{}{How're you doing?}
{120}{}{Good day to you.}
{123}{}{You see a man with a cool drink in his hand.}
{124}{}{You see a man ordering a beer.}
{125}{}{This guy's already had too much to drink.}
{126}{}{You see a tippler.}
{127}{}{This gentleman looks very happy.}
{128}{}{You see a woman with a cool drink in her hand.}
{129}{}{You see a woman ordering a beer.}
{130}{}{This gal's already had too much to drink.}
{131}{}{You see a tippler.}
{132}{}{This woman looks intoxicated.}
{133}{}{Hello, stranger.}
{134}{}{Hello there.}
{138}{}{Thanks, stranger.}
{139}{}{Not bad for a tribal, I say.}
{140}{}{I needed that.}
{143}{}{You're my best friend.}
{144}{}{What a pal.}
{145}{}{You're the best.}
{146}{}{Tribals are people, too.}
{147}{}{Nothing like friends, is there?}
{148}{}{I think I'd like to sing…}
{149}{}{I take back most of what I said about you earlier.}
{150}{}{What a friend.}
{151}{}{Tribals are our kind of people.}
{152}{}{Hip, hip, huzzah for the tribal.}
{153}{}{./~ How dry I am… ./~}
{154}{}{./~ 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer… ./~}
{155}{}{This man looks at home.}
{156}{}{You see a man eating a meal.}
{157}{}{You see a man mending a garment.}
{158}{}{This man is resting.}
{159}{}{This man is relaxing in his home.}
{160}{}{This woman looks at home.}
{161}{}{You see a woman eating a meal.}
{162}{}{You see a woman mending a garment.}
{163}{}{This woman is resting.}
{164}{}{This woman is relaxing in her home.}
{166}{}{What are you doing here?}
{167}{}{I didn't invite you.}
{168}{}{Go away. There aren't any tribal handouts here.}
{169}{}{Beat it! Scram!}
{170}{}{Why are you in my home?}
{171}{}{You see a Redding miner.}
{172}{}{You see a miner.}
{173}{}{You see a tired miner.}
{174}{}{You see a gold miner.}
{175}{}{You see someone covered in dirt.}
{176}{}{This person must be a miner.}
{177}{}{./~ Another day older & deeper in debt ./~}
{178}{}{I've got dirt everywhere.}
{179}{}{It sure is dark down there.}
{180}{}{Dig we must.}
{181}{}{We dig 'em and then we die in 'em.}
{182}{}{Why isn't gold ever found on the surface?}
{183}{}{You see an excited person.}
{184}{}{This person's very nervous.}
{185}{}{You see a person watching the ring.}
{186}{}{This person seems keyed-up.}
{187}{}{You see someone who must have money riding on the fights.}
{188}{}{This person looks excited.}
{189}{}{Get 'im!}
{190}{}{There goes a week's wages…again.}
{192}{}{Kill, kill, kill!}
{193}{}{Go for the throat!}
{194}{}{Maim the bastard!}
{195}{}{Get up on 'im!}
{196}{}{Go around! No, the other way!}
{197}{}{Watch out!}
{198}{}{That's the ticket!}
{199}{}{Make me rich!}
{200}{}{Gimme those new shoes, baby!}
{201}{}{Give me some of that sugar!}
{202}{}{Footwork stupid! Footwork!}
{203}{}{Finish him!}
{205}{}{You see a young boy.}
{206}{}{This little boy has come to the market.}
{207}{}{You see a youth.}
{208}{}{You see a youngster covered with dust.}
{209}{}{This child is covered with mud.}
{210}{}{You see a youngster picking its nose.}
{211}{}{You see a child staring at you.}
{212}{}{You see a wee tike.}
{213}{}{You see a young girl.}
{214}{}{You see a cute little girl.}
{215}{}{Hey there, mister.}
{216}{}{Whatcha doing mister?}
{217}{}{Are you a cannibal?}
{218}{}{Run away, run away!}
{219}{}{I touched a dead gecko once.}
{220}{}{Do you eat people?}
{221}{}{I thought you were supposed to have horns on your head.}
{222}{}{Where are you from?}
{223}{}{Are you from far away?}
{224}{}{Can't catch me!}
{225}{}{Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!}
{226}{}{You're funny looking.}
{227}{}{You smell bad.}
{228}{}{Hey there, lady.}
{229}{}{Whatcha doing, lady?}