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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a bedraggled wretch.}
{101}{}{You see Rattray, Doc Johnson's hunchbacked assistant.}
{102}{}{You see a bedraggled, hunchbacked, crippled wretch-with a bad case of dandruff.}
{103}{}{Ratt clean real good, Doctor.}
{104}{}{You worthless lump of flesh. }
{105}{}{Ratt try real hard to help.}
{106}{}{I don't know why I put up with your incompetence.}
{107}{}{Ratt real sorry, Ratt act better.}
{108}{}{You just better, or you'll find yourself out on the street again-I'm just too kind.}
{109}{}{No Doctor, no put Ratt out! Ratt be good. Ratt promise.}
{110}{}{Well, just see that you clean up your act then. I'm warning you.}
{111}{}{Ratt be very good. Ratt no trouble. }
{112}{}{Yes, well, see that your chores get done.}
{113}{}{Ratt clean and clean. Eat all bad bugs. Keep house clean.}
{114}{}{And that's another thing, I don't want to see you constantly eating those beetles, or roaches, or whatnot.}
{115}{}{Doctor not want Ratt to get rid of bugs? Okay, Ratt save nice bugs for Doctor to eat.}
{116}{}{I don't want to eat them, you fool! I just don't want to watch you eat them.}
{117}{}{Ratt not eat bugs?}
{118}{}{That's right, DON'T EAT BUGS IN FRONT OF ME. I don't care for that nasty crunching sound.}
{119}{}{Ratt just suck on crunchy shells then?}
{120}{}{NO! I don't want you chewing bugs, sucking on them, licking them, or anything else.}
{121}{}{Ratt no eat bugs. Ratt take good care of Doctor's bugs.}
{122}{}{Well, now that we've got that settled. Did you clean the shelves?}
{123}{}{Yes, Doctor, Ratt clean all nice Doctor's pretty, pretty shelves. Nice shelves all clean.}
{124}{}{Very well then. What about the floor? It looks dirty.}
{125}{}{Ratt, scrub floor again for nice Doctor. No want dirty floor for clean Doctor.}
{126}{}{Hmm, I suppose you think you can just lay about now. Is that it?}
{127}{}{No Doctor, no. Ratt not do that again. Ratt remember.}
{128}{}{Just see that you keep yourself busy, or I'll whip you again. }
{129}{}{NO! Doctor, no whip Ratt. Ratt be good now.}
{130}{}{Mind you, I don't enjoy it. But you need the discipline, Rattray. You certainly do.}
{131}{}{Yes, Doctor. Doctor always know best for Ratt.}
{132}{}{As long as you remember that, Rattray. God knows why I take such pains with you.}
{133}{}{Doctor nice man, very nice man.}
{134}{}{Yes, well I suppose that I am, at that.}
{135}{}{I works 'ere for the Doctor.}
{136}{}{I clean up. Hokay?}
{137}{}{Heh, heh, heh. I found something to eat.}
{138}{}{I found a roach. Yummy.}
{139}{}{You want yummy roach to eat too? Ratt share.}
{140}{}{Doctor take good care of Ratt.}
{141}{}{Ratt bad but nice Doctor take good care of him anyway.}
{142}{}{Ratt always so stupid. Why me so stupid?}
{143}{}{Ratt sorry. Me no understand what you want.}
{144}{}{Doctor say Ratt not to talk to visitors.}
{145}{}{Ratt not say anything.}
{146}{}{Ratt not get in way. Ratt want help.}
{147}{}{You know where Doc go?}
{148}{}{Ratt not see Doc in longtime.}
{149}{}{Doc gone, Ratt sad.}
{150}{}{Who take care of Ratt now?}
{151}{}{Ratt keep house nice until Doctor back.}