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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see an oily-looking salesman of some type.}
{101}{}{You see Velani, the Mordino merchant.}
{102}{}{You see a suave looking, well-manicured man.}
{103}{}{You're pathetic. If I had more muscle with me, you wouldn't live to abandon another caravan. Now get out of here.}
{104}{}{You made a big mistake to steal from the Mordino family. You'll pay for that - with interest. For now, just get out of my sight.}
{105}{}{A thief? I resemble that remark, you damn ingrate. I'm leaving. Goodbye.}
{200}{}{Why don't we settle up right now? Prepare to die, asshole.}
{106}{}{Someday soon, you'll regret crossing me. Goodbye.}
{107}{}{That caravan was a disgrace. I'm glad Savinelli didn't survive. I can't believe that you think you'd get paid for that failure. Get out of here.}
{108}{}{You cheap bastard! You'll pay for stiffing me. Goodbye.}
{109}{}{Well, sometimes you just get luckier than others. This was one of the unlucky times. Goodbye.}
{110}{}{I'll pay you for the half-ass job you did. Here's $500. Now get out of here.}
{111}{}{Well, something is better than nothing, I guess. Goodbye.}
{112}{}{You lousy bastard! Nobody could have done a better job. You'll regret stiffing me. Goodbye.}
{113}{}{Well, most of the caravan made it, even if Savinelli didn't. Here's your $1500. I don't know when we'll get someone else to run the caravan, though.}
{114}{}{I don't think I ever want to spend so much time looking at the ass-end of a brahmin again. Goodbye.}
{115}{}{That wasn't too bad at all. See you later. Goodbye.}
{116}{}{Good run. You can take Savinelli's cut since he won't be needing it. $150 for you. I don't know when we'll get someone else to run this damn caravan, but if we do, you'll have a job if you want it.}
{117}{}{Nice to find someone who appreciates quality when he sees it. See you around, maybe. Goodbye.}
{118}{}{Always glad to make some extra money. Thanks, and goodbye.}
{119}{}{Savinelli must have really been losing it before he bought the farm. I don't know why he'd let a throwback like you tag along otherwise. Get out of here.}
{121}{}{Savinelli got killed. Shit, I still don't believe it. I'm Velani. I'll settle up for what we owe.}
{122}{}{Uh, thanks.}