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Rafaela Tejada

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Mentioned-only character
Rafaela Tejada
Biography and appearance
AffiliationRaul Tejada
RoleHidalgo Ranch refugee
FamilyRaul Tejada - brother
Mentioned inFallout: New Vegas

Rafaela Tejada was Raul Tejada's sister.


After the bombs fell on Mexico City, fleeing refugees began coming to Hidalgo Ranch seeking aid. The Tejada family provided for who they could, but as their supplies dwindled, they had to start denying help so they could have food and water for themselves. Some of the refugees turned violent, necessitating that Raul Tejada and his father drive them off with an armed show of force. That night, a group of bitter refugees came, barred the doors from the outside, and burned down Hidalgo Ranch, killing everyone inside, except for Raul who managed to escape with Rafaela. After the ranch burned down they went to Mexico City thinking there was food and water there. They set up camp and lived there for a few months, living off of scraps of food they found day to day. Weeks later, Rafaela was out scavenging in place of Raul, as he had fallen ill and was and unable to scavenge as would normally. She never returned. When she didn't come back, he went to search for her and found that she had been killed by raiders and her body mutilated, commenting that he could only tell it was her by recognizing a funny scar on her knee from when they were young. Angry, Raul went hunting for the raiders that murdered his sister. "I didn't have many bullets, but I had enough," he says; speaking about avenging Rafaela's murder.


Rafaela Tejada is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.