Ralphie the Robot's Incredible Odyssey

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Ralphie advertisement
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Ralphie the Robot's Incredible Odyssey (stylized as RALPHIE the Robot's Incredible Odyssey!) was a pre-War television series focused around an eyebot named RALPHIE.

Background[edit | edit source]

The television program Ralphie entails an eyebot that escaped from a military installation and, according to and advertisement, must go on an incredible odyssey while avoiding capture by a General Winters. A line of toys based on the series were also manufactured.[1]

ED-E used to watch old tapes of it when still at Adams Air Force Base with Dr. Whitely. Due to the similarity between Ralphie's adventures and his own, ED-E has only grown fonder of the program. It was shown every Saturday on Vault-Tec Channel 9.[2]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Ralphie advertisement appears in the X-17 meteorological station, Securitron de-construction plant and The Sink in Big MT in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues and prominently in Lonesome Road.

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  1. Tommy: "Dad! Hey Dad! Check out this robot I found!"
    The Dad: "Careful, Tommy - I've never seen a robot like that before. It might be dangerous."
    Tommy: "He's not dangerous! Look, he's hurt! Can we take him home, Dad? Maybe Mom can fix him!"
    The Dad: "I don't know, son... what if someone comes looking for it?"
    Tommy: "Please? He looks so lonely! Maybe if Mom fixes him, he can help her out around the garage?"
    The Dad: "All right, boy. But if he breaks anything, it's coming out of your allowance!"
    Tommy: "Yay! He'll be just like RALPHIE, only this one's not a toy!"
    (The Dad's and Tommy's dialogue)
  2. Announcer: "Next week on RALPHIE the Robot's Incredible Odyssey!"
    Child: "RALPHIE, hurry! If mean old General Winters catches you, you'll never make it home! No! RALPHIE, fly far! Fly fast!"
    Announcer: "Tune in next Saturday for the exciting conclusion! Only on Vault-Tec Channel 9!"
    (Announcer's and Tommy's dialogue)