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Biography and appearance
FamilyAriel (wife)
Sandy (daughter)
Mentioned inFallout 2

Rand was a wastelander whom died immigrating to the New California Republic with his family in 2241.


While traveling in a caravan with his wife, Ariel and daughter, Sandy on their way to New California Republic to start a new life, he and the caravan were attacked by raiders. Rand died attempting to protect his wife and daughter.[1]


Rand is mentioned only in Fallout 2.


  1. The Chosen One: "{137}{}{So tell me, Ariel: Why are you so sad?}"
    Ariel: "{158}{}{My husband recently died. I miss him and I'm having problems adjusting. That's all.}"
    The Chosen One: "{161}{}{I'm sorry to hear that. How did it happen?}"
    Ariel: "{165}{}{My husband and I were travelling with a caravan on its way to the New California Republic. We wanted to start a new life for ourselves and our daughter, Sandy. Unfortunately, the caravan was attacked by raiders one night. They were incredibly brutal. They killed everyone: men, women, and children. Rand, my husband, died trying to defend Sandy and me. We were to die next when a miracle occurred. }"
    "{180}{}{I was holding Sandy behind me, trying to keep her from the monster that had shot Rand. He stood next to my husband's body and laughed at me as he aimed his gun at my head. Suddenly, this huge claw came out of the darkness, grabbed him from behind and... well, thank goodness that Sandy didn't see what happened next. Anyway, the raiders were being wiped out by this group of deathclaws. The one that saved Sandy and me stood near us and talked to me. He kept reassuring me that I was safe, and that he was sorry that he couldn't have gotten there sooner to help us. Afterwards, the deathclaws brought us here.}"