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Ranger Morales' corpse

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For the character, see Esteban Morales.
Ranger Morales' corpse
Ranger Morales corpse.jpg
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Map MarkerRanger Morales' Corpse
FactionsNew California Republic
New California Republic Rangers
QuestsProper Burial
Cell Name000ee68c
ref id000ee6c6

[If your husband is dead, what does it matter if you get the corpse back?] You never lost anybody, have you? Not like this. Never had to think about that person you love all alone out there, cooking in the sun like meat... NCR never leaves a soldier behind. That's what the recruiters told us. Promised us. We believed them.

Christina Morales

Ranger Morales' Corpse is location in the Mojave Wasteland just to the east of REPCONN headquarters.


It's a map marker added when the player speaks to Pvt. Christina Morales who's located in the Camp McCarran concourse. She is a sad woman in NCR armor sitting on the left of the concourse when the player enters from the Camp McCarran terminal building. When speaking to her, you find out that her husband, an NCR Ranger, had been killed in the line of duty and that his body was not recovered. Agreeing to find the body of her husband starts the unmarked quest Proper Burial.

The Fiends created a "honeypot" with the corpse, surrounding it with snipers and traps, in order to kill more NCR who attempt to retrieve the body. Note that there are two NCR bodies located here, the other being Ranger Jackson. It is not necessary to retrieve Ranger Thomas Jackson's body for the Morales quest.


Ranger Morales' corpse is slightly to the northeast of REPCONN headquarters.

The area consists of 3 buildings in a U shape around an open area with the corpse in the middle next to a flagpole. There is also a park bench. There's a dumpster off to the left. There are 3 ways into the area... you can come in from the REPCONN headquarters side (safest, but you have to deal with a big sniper battle), come in from the traintracks side, but there's a trip mine and a rigged shotgun, or come in from the far side, where there are numerous bear traps. No matter which way you come in, unless your sneak skill is very high, you will probably have to deal with the snipers. Note that the location and the fiends guarding it do not exist and cannot be discovered until talking to Private Morales.

After you dispatch the fiends, you can loot Morales' body if you want, but either way, pick it up and carry it north-west (not just north, north-west) along the road just past the tracks. You'll find NCR waiting for you there.


Ranger Morales' corpse appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

  • When the two NCR troopers at the roadblock stop you, the second response option you get is "I made a promise to Private Morales." This line and the whole quest could be seen as a reference to the Western film The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada.


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png There is a bug on the PS3 and Xbox version where the body of Ranger Morales is respawned underneath the ground. The body can be searched but not dragged, making the quest impossible to complete on PS3 and Xbox. It should be noted however, there is a gib (body part) of Ranger Morales lying on the ground near to the actual corpse. This can be picked up and dragged to the NCR Encampment in place of the actual body. It's fairly difficult however as the player has to walk extremely slowly or the grip on the gib will be lost. The gib itself turns transparent about halfway to the encampment though the label is still visible, further adding to an already difficult task. This daunting task will complete this portion of the quest, for those who have the patience for it. Player-users can "call" the corpse with the console command: ee6c6.moveto player
  • PCIcon pc.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png When you are handing the body to the soldiers at the sandbags, they will occasionally not respond in any way. This could happen if you don't speak to them before going to Ranger Morales' corpse.
  • The ranger will, although dead, blink as if alive. This is unknown why.
  • When you accept the quest, 16 mines are activated next to Morales's corpse, along with other traps. However, since they are non-persistent properties, they will not persist beyond saves and will disappear once the player gets to Morales's corpse.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes, the corpse of Ranger Morales may not appear as it should, in which case, the player is unable to go back to speak to Pvt. Christina Morales.
  • PCIcon pc.png Ranger Jackson may not appear at the location. This is because he spawns alive and is then killed by the raiders. It is possible for Jackson to survive, and be found running away from the area. (Confirmed twice on PC)
  • PCIcon pc.png If you have a bad reputation with the Legion, a legionary assassin team may spawn close enough to the NCR checkpoint to engage in a firefight with the two troopers. If the one who is to speak to you is killed, you cannot complete the quest at that time, since the other cannot accept the body. Leave it at the checkpoint and come back several days later. The soldier should have respawned by then and will approach you and give the speech that marks the completion of that stage of the quest. The soldier may approach you even if you are a considerable distance away.