Raven Rock terminals

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Raven Rock terminals are two terminals found in Raven Rock.

Security Barrier Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: These two wall terminal are located in the 2.B Quarters and Colonel Autumn's Chamber. They are both locked Average.

Disable Barrier[edit | edit source]


> !!! Security Barrier Disabled !!!

Activate Barrier[edit | edit source]


> !!! Security Barrier Activated !!!

Delivery Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: This wall terminal is located in a hallway niche off the entrance level to Raven Rock. It is locked Average.


Delivery terminal

Note Regarding Recent Delivery[edit | edit source]


* Regarding Recent Delivery *

The new creatures need transport to Bio-Lab. A request has been sent to the scientists regarding the immediate delivery and attachment of two Domestication Units for the subjects. My men have taken enough risks bringing these creatures in. There is no excuse for the tardiness regarding the Domestication Units.

J.J. Black
Commanding Officer, Fauna Detail Charlie, Northwest Sector

Unlock Cage #364[edit | edit source]


> Cage #364 Unlocked...