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Renolds' dialogue

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Renolds' dialogue
Game Information
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Full dialogue file

Dialogue file table
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic014 I got them out alive. I was worried Alexus had already thrown them down a mineshaft. I'll run by camp and see how they're doing when I get a chance. Thanks for the help. VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_00137389_1
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic001 I'm busy right now. If you want to be that way I'll leave you alone. VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_0013289A_1
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic009 Your friends are safe. They must have run straight back to camp. I bet they didn't even stop and say thanks. VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_00134B9B_1
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic009 Your friends are safe. The NCR could use someone like you. Stop by our camps if you're looking for work. VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_00134B9B_2
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic010 They're still in the mine. Can you hurry? I know those Legion bastards are tough but my friends won't last long with all the radiation in there. VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_001367D8_1
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic012 Were they the NCR hostages in the mine? Were? What do you mean were? VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_00136F84_1
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic013 They're already dead. Legion bastards. They'll pay for that. VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_00136F83_1
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic000 Why are you out here alone? My squad was ambushed by a Legion party lead by that bastard Alexus. VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_0013015F_1
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic000 Why are you out here alone? He was taking us into the mine up ahead, but I managed to get away. I need help to get them out. VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_0013015F_2
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic002 I'll take a look and see if there's anything I can do. That's already more than I was expecting. I'll keep watch to make sure no more Legion come up the road. Good Luck. VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_00130161_1
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic003 You sure they're still alive? There's a slim chance. But if the Legion wanted us dead, our heads would already be on pikes. VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_0013015E_1
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic004 Extra encouragement would also increase their chances. [SUCCEEDED] I understand. Here's what I have on me. Now go before it's too late. VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_00130162_1
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic004 Extra encouragement would also increase their chances. [FAILED] This is an emergency. How can you be asking for payment? VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_00130163_1
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic006 The odds are too small. You're on your own. There's no way I can take on the Legion by myself. I'll be here if you change your mind. VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_00130160_1
Topic VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic008 I changed my mind. I'll save your squad. Really? I can't thank you enough. I'll wait here and watch the road. Good luck in there. VTechattic_VTechatticupNVT_00130765_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Thank goodness you're here. My squad needs help. VTechatticup_GREETING_00129255_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You're the courier I've heard so much about. My squad needs your assistance. VTechatticup_GREETING_001292BE_1
Topic GREETING GREETING So any word on my friends? VTechatticup_GREETING_0012B5ED_1
Topic GREETING GREETING I'm glad to see a fellow trooper. My squad is in trouble. VTechatticup_GREETING_00152A84_1
Topic GREETING GREETING Need something? VTechatticup_GREETING_00152A83_1
Topic GREETING GREETING The Legion are trouble. You should watch out. VTechatticup_GREETING_00156DBA_1
Topic GREETING GREETING The road is dangerous. You better stay sharp. VTechatticup_GREETING_0015734A_1