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Rhonda's dialogue

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Rhonda's dialogue
Game Information
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Full dialogue table

Dialogue file
Conversation BMRhondaBadReunion BMRhondaBadReunion Oh no! Miss Tabitha is hurt! Someone, get a doctor! VFreeformB_BMRhondaBadReun_000F08F7_1
Conversation BMRhondaBadReunion BMRhondaBadReunion There, there Miss Tabitha. It's going to be all right. VFreeformB_BMRhondaBadReun_000F08F8_1
Conversation BMRhondaBadReunion BMRhondaBadReunion Miss Tabitha, your distinct lack of respiration is quite worrisome. VFreeformB_BMRhondaBadReun_000F08F9_1
Conversation BMRhondaBadReunion BMRhondaBadReunion That's good, Miss Tabitha. It's important that you don't move. You might aggravate your injury. VFreeformB_BMRhondaBadReun_000F08FA_1
Conversation BMRhondaBadReunion BMRhondaBadReunion Where is that doctor? VFreeformB_BMRhondaBadReun_000F08FB_1
Conversation BMRhondaBadReunion BMRhondaBadReunion Don't worry, Miss Tabitha, I'll keep you warm with my exhaust. VFreeformB_BMRhondaBadReun_000F08FC_1
Conversation BMRhondaBadReunion BMRhondaBadReunion I do hope the doctor doesn't get lost on the way up here. VFreeformB_BMRhondaBadReun_000F08FD_1
Topic BMRhondaGreetsTabitha BMRhondaGreetsTabitha It is, Mistress Tabitha. How I've missed you so. This stranger here fixed me up right as rain. Is he a friend of yours? VFreeformB_BMRhondaGreetsT_0015D0AA_1
Topic BMRhondaGreetsTabitha BMRhondaGreetsTabitha It is, Mistress Tabitha. How I've missed you so. This stranger here fixed me up right as rain. Is she a friend of yours? VFreeformB_BMRhondaGreetsT_0015D0AB_1
Conversation BMRhondaLetsGoTabitha BMRhondaLetsGoTabitha Mistress Tabitha, we should be heading off. Our journey has been much delayed, but we can catch up if we hurry. Come along, now. VFreeformB_BMRhondaLetsGoT_0015D0A4_1
Topic VFreeformBlackMountainBMRhondaTopic000 I hate to tell you, but Tabitha's dead. And I suppose you're taking credit for the deed, fiend! I will avenge her! VFreeformB_VFreeformBlackM_0015D0A9_1
Topic VFreeformBlackMountainBMRhondaTopic001 Um, I should probably go. I'll just wait here for Mistress Tabitha. VFreeformB_VFreeformBlackM_0015D0A7_1
Topic BMRhondaGreeting BMRhondaGreeting Hello. Could you please direct me to mistress Tabitha? VFreeformB_BMRhondaGreetin_000E9477_1
Topic BMRhondaGreeting BMRhondaGreeting I wonder what mistress Tabitha has been doing with herself during my convalescence. VFreeformB_BMRhondaGreetin_000EC041_1
Topic BMRhondaGreeting BMRhondaGreeting It is so good to be traveling with mistress Tabitha again! VFreeformB_BMRhondaGreetin_000EC042_1
Topic BMRhondaNo Sorry, I don't think I'll be heading her way. Nevertheless, I must find her, so I'll just tag along with you for a bit until I pick up her trail. VFreeformB_BMRhondaNo_000E946D_1
Conversation BMRhondaTabithaReunion BMRhondaTabithaReunion It pleases me to see you, mistress. I owe my functional state to this human here. VFreeformB_BMRhondaTabitha_000E947D_1
Topic BMRhondaYes Sure, follow me. Thank you very much. My internal clock says it's been 6 years, 52 days, 40 minutes, and 13 seconds since I last spoke to her. VFreeformB_BMRhondaYes_000E9475_1
Topic BMRhondaYes Sure, follow me. I hope she hasn't gotten lonely. VFreeformB_BMRhondaYes_000E9475_2