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Fallout 4
RequirementsLuck 10
Level 1, 29, and 50
EffectsAn enemy's ranged attack could ricochet and instantly kill them.
base id001d247c (level 1)

001d247d (level 2)

001d247e (level 3)

With the Ricochet perk, an enemy's ranged attack will sometimes ricochet back and instantly kill them. Such a death may even fill your Critical meter.

Fallout 4 loading screen hints

Ricochet is a perk in Fallout 4.


There is a chance that an enemy's ranged attack can ricochet back and instantly kill them; the lower your current health, the more likely the chance. The second rank increases this chance, and the third rank causes your critical meter to fill every time an enemy is killed by ricochet.