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Rite of Passage (Far Harbor)

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Rite of Passage
Fo4FH Look at Me I am the Captain Now.png
I am the Captain now.
Quest data
LocationFar Harbor
Given ByTeddy Wright
RewardThe Captain's Hat
Editor IDDLC03FarHarborM01
Base IDxx00a992
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leads to:
The Changing Tide

Rite of Passage is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


Want to fit in? Want an arduous quest? Take the rite of passage. This almost forgotten mythical event can bring even the most stubborn islander together. Track to where the creatures are at the most fierce, slaughter the beasts, and share the bounty with the folk. The witness will vouch for you.


  • Travel to the following location:
  • Fo4 Rite of Passage Loc.png
  1. Drop meat in the water (open inventory, drop (R key), any meat will do).
  2. Defeat the first wave of mirelurk.
  3. Drop more meat into the water (mirelurk meat, mmmm).
  4. Defeat the next wave (mirelurk king, mirelurk hunter, mirelurk razorclaw)
  5. Fight the queen mirelurk. She's standard fare, as much as legendary tough-as-nails enemies can be.
  6. Return to Teddy Wright when you succeed.

Quest stages

Status Stage Description
Drop meat in the water In order to do the "Captain's Dance," I need to go to Emmet's Causeway and drop fresh meat into the water to whip the local wildlife into a frenzy.
Kill the mirelurks I've started the Captain's Dance and have enraged local mirelurks. I need to dispatch them.
Drop more meat in the water With the mirelurks killed, I have to drop more meat in the water to further enrage the local wildlife for the Captain's Dance.
Kill the mirelurks Even more mirelurks have been attracted by my chumming. I need to attract even bigger game to find something worthy of the Captain's Dance.
Kill the mirelurk queen After I killed another wave of mirelurks, a mighty Mirelurk Queen has appeared. If I kill this magnificent specimen the Captain's Dance will be complete.
Return to Teddy Wright I survived my battle with the Mirelurk Queen. I should go back to Far Harbor and let Teddy know I've completed the Captain's Dance.
I've faced one of the terrifying behemoths of the island and earned Far Harbor's respect by doing the Captain's Dance. Teddy's crazy plan worked.
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