Rivet City Council Minutes

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Rivet City Council Minutes
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Rivet City Council Minutes is a holodisk in Fallout 3.

Location[edit | edit source]

This holodisk is added to the Lone Wanderer's Pip-Boy 3000 after either reading the City Founders Log on Horace Pinkerton's private terminal or by pressing Pinkerton for information about Rivet City's founding.

Transcript[edit | edit source]


April 25, 2239
Inaugural Meeting of the Rivet City Council

In attendance:
Science Rep. - Dr. Horace Pinkerton
Civilian Rep. - Annette Holmes
Security Rep. - Brad Danvers

As the Rivet Station Science Outpost has displayed significant stability in its location and reliable profitability for supply traders, a burgeoning civilian settlement has sprung up in the available space on our ship.

To better protect and organize this growing community, we declare a three man council will act as a governing body to represent the interests of the residents of the newly dubbed "Rivet City."

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