Robotics disposal ground terminals

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This page lists all robotics disposal ground terminals.

Terminal[edit | edit source]

Note: This desk terminal is located on the metal shelving in the watchman's building.


Robotics Disposal East 09B


US Robotics Disposal - "Safely disposing of your robotic waste since 2053"

Delivery Log[edit | edit source]


10/15/2077 --- 1 Prototype Sentry Bot, unknown issues
09/13/2077 --- 15 Protectrons, missing all limbs
07/22/2077 --- 4 Decomissioned Sentry Bots
06/15/2077 --- 8 Robobrains, IQ well below 80
06/08/2077 --- 14 Eyebots, vision sensors missing
05/24/2077 --- 9 Protectrons, missing all limbs
03/14/2077 --- 27 Defective Mr. Handy's, won't stop talking
11/16/2076 --- 12 Protectrons, missing all limbs

Employee Notes[edit | edit source]

05/24/2076 --- Dillan[edit | edit source]


Weird, more of those Protectrons with no arms or legs. How do you even miss that in production? Do they have robots building these robots or something? That's a scary thought!

06/10/2076 --- Mike[edit | edit source]


Robots making robots is... yikes! We just got these Eyebots in the other day that were actually missing their eyes. Isn't that EYEronic? HA!

Anyway, yeah, missing something like that they must have a lot of their own bots on staff or something.

07/22/2077 --- Mike[edit | edit source]


They just dropped some Sentry bots off. It doesn't look like there's ANYTHING wrong with them! Why would they just throw them away like this? I'm thinking about taking one of these things home and setting it up to mow my lawn for me. What do you think?

09/13/2077 --- Dillan[edit | edit source]


More of those Protectrons missing everything. I heard from a couple of the other nearby sites that they keep getting them too. Someone made a BIG mistake. Weird that it's cheaper to dump them here than to send them back and attach some arms to 'em.

10/15/2077 --- Dillan[edit | edit source]


Some weird guys dressed in all black just dropped off a Sentry bot of some kind. They wouldn't say who they were. The thing looks like it's fully functional. They even had it drive itself into the yard and shut down!

I looked in the trunk they threw next to it and it had a holotape in there. I'm thinking about seeing what's on it, but those guys in black have me pretty freaked out.

10/20/2077 --- Mike[edit | edit source]


I was joking about taking one of those Sentry's home. DON'T look at that holotape. If those guys dumped it all here they had a good reason, and you probably don't want to get mixed up in it.

We've got an easy job here. Come in a couple times a week, walk the perimeter, and go home. Don't let your curiousity screw that up!

Play Tape[edit | edit source]

Note: Accessing this command activates the holotape combat sentry proto MKIV holotape.


> Loading holotape. Please wait...