Roxbury Food Riot

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Roxbury Food Riot
LocationRoxbury, Boston, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, New England Commonwealth
DateFriday, October 22nd, 2077[1]
Involved parties
United States Army, 184th Infantry RegimentRioters
American soldiersRioters
NoneFour dead, eight injured[1]
Connected events
Part of:
National food riots
Boston food riots[1]

The Roxbury Food Riot was one of a multitude of nationwide riots before the Great War; this riot in particular involved the poor of Roxbury of Boston, Massachusetts before the Great War. It was in response to the chronic food shortages and ended with minimal casualties.

Background[edit | edit source]

This riot was part of an ongoing series of riots to plague the city of Boston. The riot began after soldiers of the United States Army's 184th Infantry Regiment opened fire on a group of unarmed civilians after an unknown person smashed the plate glass window of the Roxbury Food Bank, prompting several people in the line outside to storm into the establishment. Jonathan Corman, spokesman for the Army, insisted the troops acted within their authority, stating that they issued several explicit verbal warnings to not break the line and attack the food bank, and that hunger is no excuse for civil disobedience, vandalism or starting a riot that puts the lives in the area at risk. He emphasized that it was the role of the United States Army to maintain order in that difficult time, and taking the time to note specifically that the soldiers of the 184th Infantry Regiment have not had a food ration in two days, and understood their hunger "probably better than anyone."[1]

This however is contradicted by the civilian witnesses of the riot. Eighty-five year old grandmother Hannah Henry was in line at the food bank, and claims the soldiers had anything but order and liberty on their minds.[1]

They were laughing! Joking about who they were going to shoot first. It was all a game to them. Those soldiers may not have fired on the crowd before that window got broke, but they was looking forward to it all the same.

— Hannah Henry

In any case, the riot ended with four people confirmed dead and eight others injured.[1]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The Roxbury Food Riot is mentioned only in Fallout 4.