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Ruben Brown

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Ruben Brown
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Involvement in Fallout series
GamesFallout 3
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Ruben Brown is a developer who worked at Bethesda Softworks on Fallout 3 as Additional Quality Assurance Tester.


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Since February 1997, Ruben has worked diligently in the gaming industry doing everything he can to help create new product for the insatiable market of gamers worldwide.

Coming from a theater and film background, his familiarity with production gave him an advantage to meet the urgency of game development with ease. When he is not working to improve the appeal or the functionality of a product, he is working on creating new product himself.

Having tangible knowledge of most electronic games since 1978, Ruben fused his experience as an end-user of games with his knowledge of production design in independent film, theater and television to meet the urgency of the game development industry's growth, and help to make great games for over 10 years, and has been involved in an impressive list of titles.

Employment history

19961998Hasbro Interactive?
20032008Bethesda Softworks?


Fallout series

YearTitleCredited as/for
2008Fallout 3Additional Quality Assurance Tester

Other work (excerpt)

YearTitleCredited as/for
2007Star Trek: Conquest?