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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see Saul, the boxer.}
{101}{}{You see a tough-looking, muscular man.}
{102}{}{He has muscles toughened by years of fighting, and a light-footed stance characteristic of a skilled boxer.}
{103}{}{Oh. Well, good luck.}
{104}{}{This isn't the time or place for weapons, friend. But if you care to try me sometime in the ring, feel free.}
{105}{}{What do you want?}
{107}{}{What do you do here?}
{108}{}{A tough guy, eh? I bet I could take you.}
{109}{}{My name's }
{110}{}{. Just taking a look around.}
{111}{}{[Saul laughs heartily.] Why, I am a boxer!}
{112}{}{Ah, I could kick your ass.}
{113}{}{Hmm. What's the deal?}
{114}{}{Uh, no thanks.}
{115}{}{Saul is unconscious.}
{124}{}{ [Saul laughs heartily.]}
{125}{}{ [Saul laughs threateningly.]}
{126}{}{All right. This should be quick.}
{127}{}{Put up or shut up.}
{128}{}{Well, you're in the right place if you're looking for someone to pound that ugly mug of yours into a better shape.}
{129}{}{I'm Saul.}
{130}{}{Uh, no thanks. Can I ask you some questions?}
{131}{}{So, you been living in Junktown long?}
{132}{}{Well, nice to meet ya. Later.}
{134}{}{I've been here all my life. Grew up here.}
{135}{}{What can you tell me about Junktown?}
{136}{}{How did you become a boxer?}
{137}{}{Hmm. Well, stranger, I work for Gizmo. He's the owner of that great casino there. Pays good money to fighters here, too! What else do you want to know?}
{138}{}{What is there to do here?}
{139}{}{Can you tell me a bit about Gizmo and that casino?}
{140}{}{Been boxing for a few years.}
{141}{}{I was always getting into scuffles with my brothers when I grew up. One time a small band of raiders attacked Junktown, and I beat one into submission before he could get his gun on me. Just luck, really, but Gizmo was sponsoring organized fights, and I needed some money. Been boxing ever since.}
{142}{}{What happened to your brothers?}
{143}{}{So what is there to do in this town?}
{144}{}{Can you tell me about your boss?}
{145}{}{If you are just looking for supplies, you should try Killian Darkwater's store, off southeast of here. You can also get a night's sleep at the Crash House near here. If you are planning to stay a while, you might want to get a drink over at the Skum Pitt, but watch out for the Skulz.}
{146}{}{Who're the Skulz?}
{147}{}{So, tell me more about the casino.}
{148}{}{Gizmo's casino is where everybody goes to gamble. There are many games and you can have a great time! It's the best place this side of the Hub!}
{149}{}{What else is there to do around here?}
{150}{}{My brother James was killed in a raider attack a few years ago. Shortly after that, my other brother, Darrell, gathered together some things and set off south towards a mythical place called the Glow, in search of the treasure of the ancients, or something like that. He never came back.}
{151}{}{Why do you stay in Junktown?}
{152}{}{Uh, can we change the subject?}
{153}{}{I'm sorry to hear of your loss.}
{154}{}{What do you know about this legendary place, the Glow?}
{155}{}{Thank you. It's been a few years, but I still don't like to talk about it much.}
{156}{}{So, can I ask you some questions?}
{157}{}{I live here. I like boxing, I have a good life with Trish, and I have no desire to go elsewhere.}
{158}{}{Oh. Well, that's good. Mind if we change the subject?}
{159}{}{Yes, I've met Trish.}
{160}{}{Well, what?}
{161}{}{What can I help you with?}
{162}{}{What is there to do here?}
{163}{}{Can you tell me a little about your boss?}
{164}{}{[You pat your weapon] I'd like you to meet my little friend.}
{165}{}{Thanks for chatting. See you around.}
{166}{}{The Skulz are a bad bunch who hang out in the back of the Crash House and at the Skum Pitt. Watch out for them; they like playing with knives.}
{167}{}{Thanks for the tip. I'll watch my step.}
{168}{}{I see. Anything else you can tell me about?}
{169}{}{Well, be sure to keep your hands off, eh?}
{170}{}{She's very important to me.}
{171}{}{ [Saul frowns.] But she doesn't like my boxing. She doesn't seem to understand that it's what I want to do.}
{172}{}{She's concerned for your welfare. She probably can't stand to see you getting beaten up and risking your life for Gizmo. If you don't find a compromise, you could lose her.}
{173}{}{I think she's worried about you.}
{174}{}{So, shall we talk about something else?}
{175}{}{Well, see you later.}
{176}{}{I never thought of it that way. I figured that she just didn't like boxing. I suppose I will have to talk to her more about this. Thanks.}
{177}{}{Ah, she just doesn't like boxing, is all.}
{178}{}{Well, can we talk about something else?}
{179}{}{See you around.}
{180}{}{You again. What now?}
{181}{}{Hello again.}
{182}{}{I'm here to teach you some manners.}
{183}{}{I need to talk to you about Trish.}
{184}{}{Can you tell me about Junktown?}
{185}{}{From what I've heard, the Glow is a great crater that glows at night. It's supposed to be far, far to the south, but I don't know where. Stories say that it's inhabited by all sorts of mutant freaks who guard the technology from before the War.}
{186}{}{I see. Thanks for the info.}
{187}{}{Interesting. Can you give me any more info?}
{188}{}{That'll be tough with no head, palooka.}