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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You gain 400 experience points for returning Tandi.}
{101}{}{To the south, you see an adobe wall surrounding a peaceful-looking village.}
{102}{}{A small shack is all that remains of this area. Fortunately, your records indicate a secondary entrance to Vault-15 there.}
{103}{}{You see a small building, with a series of tents nearby. The inhabitants look dirty and mean.}
{104}{}{You come across a medium-sized town. A wall of junked cars blocks easy entrance. A hazy smoke lies low over the town.}
{105}{}{To the south you see a large city. Outlying farms surround the town. There is much life in this desert oasis.}
{106}{}{You approach a dark and broken city. Little life can be seen. A stench of death surrounds the area.}
{107}{}{A small building surrounded by a chainlink fence is to the north. Menacing guards in heavy armor patrol the area.}
{108}{}{A large crater sprawls to the north.}
{109}{}{Mutant guards can be seen to the northeast in front of a fortified location built into the side of the mountain.}
{110}{}{A large, ornate building rises into the sky. A crowd of people walks aimlessly before it.}
{111}{}{You can see a warehouse to the north, with a moat of glowing goo around it.}
{112}{}{A large, fortified factory, with graffiti-painted walls and threatening gun ports, looms ahead.}
{113}{}{The signs of gang activity are evident in the partially-rebuilt nightclub and tiny outposts here.}
{114}{}{In the heart of the city, a great library, fortified and restored, rises with forbidding yet graceful presence. You feel a sense of peace.}
{115}{}{A fenced village, patrolled by guards, waits defiantly to the south.}
{116}{}{You see a giant footprint in the ground. You search but find no other tracks in the area.}
{117}{}{Scorch marks and ashes cover the area.}
{118}{}{This area looks like it was hit by a high-pressure firebomb.}

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