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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see Smitty.}
{101}{}{You see a large, muscular man.}
{102}{}{Good day. What can I do for you?}
{103}{}{What do you want?}
{104}{}{May I ask your name?}
{105}{}{I need you to fix these parts for me, so that I can fix your hydroponic farms.}
{106}{}{I'd like to buy something.}
{107}{}{Can I ask you a few questions?}
{108}{}{Nothing, thanks. See you around.}
{109}{}{Uhhh . . .}
{110}{}{I'd recommend that you check out Tine's store, just to one side of the gates. I don't actually sell anything here; I trade it to Tine or the Hub merchants for goods.}
{111}{}{Why, everyone just calls me 'Smitty'. Probably because I'm the local blacksmith.}
{112}{}{Ask away.}
{113}{}{Where did you get all of your shop equipment?}
{114}{}{What all do you make here?}
{115}{}{Can you make guns and bullets?}
{116}{}{Nothing else, thanks.}
{117}{}{I'm sorry, I don't think I can help you. Try Zimmerman.}
{119}{}{Why, any competent blacksmith can make his own anvil! 'course, I really just sort of learned the craft by practice, but I made most of my own tools.}
{120}{}{Mostly I make and repair tools and implements here. I also fix things for the Hub merchants. With the help of Miles, the chemist, I reload bullets from time to time.}
{121}{}{Well, building guns and making shells takes machining, and I just don't have the tools for that. But with the help of Miles, the chemist, I can reload old brass, since I can cast bullets.}
{122}{}{Yes, I can fix this. Give me some time.}
{123}{}{Here you are. [Smitty hands you the fixed parts.]}
{124}{}{I already fixed the parts. You need to give them to Miles now.}
{125}{}{Thanks for fixin' the farms. If you ever find yourself a plasma rifle, bring it on back here. I know a few tricks that I can pull with the injectors.}
{126}{}{Well, I have one right here.}
{127}{}{So you found yourself a plasma rifle!}
{128}{}{Hand it over and I'll take a look at it. [Smitty takes a plasma rifle from you, pulls out his tools, and starts to tinker with it.]}
{129}{}{There, I think that does it. [Smitty hands you back your plasma rifle.] Try that out for size.}
{130}{}{Like I said before, if you get yourself a plasma rifle and bring it back here, I can tweak it some for you.}
{131}{}{Good seein' you again. Hope you're doing all right.}