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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see Mrs. Stapleton, the librarian.}
{101}{}{You see a middle-aged woman.}
{102}{}{Hi, Welcome to the Library. I don't think I have seen you around these parts before. What might you be looking for in the way of knowledge?}
{103}{}{Good to see you again. What might you be looking for today?}
{104}{}{What do you have in the way of books?}
{105}{}{I am looking for a Water Chip.}
{106}{}{Nothing, but thanks.}
{107}{}{Well, let me show you my selection.}
{108}{}{Well, in my studies I have come across some references to such things. Actually I have in my posession a Holodisk that contains a certain amount of information that you might find useful.}
{109}{}{A Holodisk, what is that?}
{110}{}{Can I have the Holodisk?}
{111}{}{A Holodisk contains information on it, but it can only be read by a certain number of electronic devices. I see that you have a PIP Boy. You can use that to decode, review, and store the information that a Holodisk contains.}
{112}{}{Sounds great! Can I have the Holodisk?}
{113}{}{Information is hard to come by in this day and age. I will need to charge you 750 Hub Bucks for the disk.}
{114}{}{Sounds good. Here's the money.}
{115}{}{Now that looks like a worn Holodisk if I've ever seen one. I'll give you 500 for it.}
{116}{}{How about I take a blowtorch to this whole place instead! Huh lady?!}
{117}{}{Sorry, don't have the cash.}
{118}{}{I am sorry but I can only accept the full amount for the Holodisk. Please return when you have that amount.}
{119}{}{I am sorry, but you wil need to keep your pyromaniacal tendencies to yourself. Please leave.}
{120}{}{[Mrs Stapleton takes your money.]}
{121}{}{You are right, the Disk has seen better days. Since that is the case, I will accept 500 instead of my original price. [Mrs Stapleton takes your money.]}
{122}{}{Normally, I do not give in to such methods, but to protect my collection from such a threat I will give you the Disk. In exchange, I would ask that you never return here.}
{123}{}{As I may have explained, you will need to use this and then access the information through your PIP Boy. [Mrs. Stapleton hands you the Holodisk]}
{124}{}{You will have to excuse me, but I have research to do.}
{126}{}{I'm sorry, I don't understand you. Somewhere I have a Holodisk on learning the English language, if you're intersted.}
{130}{}{Do you have a set of Chemistry journals? Miles in Adytum said you might.}
{131}{}{Yes, I've heard from Miles and I have the ones he's looking for. They will cost you 750 bucks.}
{132}{}{Here you are, sir. Say hello to Miles for me.}
{133}{}{I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money. Please return when you have the money.}