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Sacred vision tea

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Sacred vision tea is a strong, bitter tasting drink prepared from sacred datura root by White Bird, the shaman of the Sorrows tribe in Zion Canyon.[1]


To prepare the sacred vision tea, the roots of three datura plants are boiled in a pot suspended over a campfire. When the tea is consumed, it produces strong hallucinogenic effects, making it an important part of the tribe's vision quest;[2] along with causing a discolored blurry vision similar to the effects of being posioned.

While the Courier is under the effects of the drink, White Bird tells them to undergo the Sorrows' Rite of Passage and lay the yao guai Ghost of She to rest. The tea makes the Courier hallucinate a blinding white flash, with the Ghost of She appearing out of nowhere and covered in flames once the flash dissipates. During the fight, the Courier also sees another white flash, before hallucinating multiple Ghosts of She all on fire. When the Ghost of She is killed, the yao guai hallucinations vanish, though the flames persist on Ghost of She's corpse. Once the courier returns to White Bird and completes the quest, the effects of the tea wear off, and their vision returns to normal.

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  1. The Courier: "I have the sacred datura here."
    White Bird: "These roots make sacred vision tea. You drink, you see path before you. Ready?"
    The Courier: "All right, let's do this."
    White Bird: "Drink. Tea is strong. Tea is bitter. Wisdom is strong. Wisdom is bitter. You see?"
    (White Bird's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "What? I don't know what "visions of truth" means."
    White Bird: "Seek medicine plant! Return with Sacred Datura Root! Receive visions of truth, they guide you!"
    (White Bird's dialogue)