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Sam Blackwell's bunker terminals

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This page lists Sam Blackwell's Bunker terminals.

Security System Terminal

Note: This mainframe terminal is located xxxxx. It is locked and has a requirement of a level 3 Skill.






Reset Laser Grid Credentials


..... data cleared.

Please proceed to <HANDSCANNER_001> to add your updated credentials.

System Diagnostics



System Power ::
99.8% capacity

System Connections ::
001 - 003 Laser Grids: Connection Active
004 Handprint Scanner: Connection Active
005 Safe Keypad: Connection Active
006 Remote Safe Lock: Connection Active

Judy's Terminal

Note: This desk terminal is located on the desk of Judy Blackwell in her room.


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink



What Am I Doing?


So, here I am. Stuck underground with my father. Not the final-year-of-med-school plan I had in mind. But when he came to me... he was so adamant that we had to run. That someone was coming for us. Not adamant enough to show me any concrete proof. Just that I had to trust him this time. Which has been getting harder as he gets worse.

But I could tell in his eyes that he'd made his decision. And he's not in any state to be out here on his own.

So, here I am. Me, my father, Senator on the lamb, and a pile of books to last us through judgement day. Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll come around to us heading back outside in a couple days.

Judgement Day


Jesus fucking Christ

Life Changes

Life Changes, Second Try


Okay. Again from the top.

The plant growth outside has been getting out of control. The main entrance is almost overrun. At this rate, we're going to have to start burning the roots in order to get out of the elevators.

And the animals aren't fairing any better. I saw a mosquito the other day the size of a dog. I don't think I've screamed like that since high school. But it's at least given me a new goal in life. I want to never, ever, ever see one of those things feed.


Mentats Are Key


I've been trying a couple different meds for Dad, to see what helps keep him lucid. Most effective things so far are, believe it or not, Mentats. I always thought they were a party drug for Beatniks and armchair philosophers, but they sharpen him right up. Which we've been needing of late. He came back the other day covered in mud, claiming he saw a giant bat. That's a new one.

I worked out a recipe that seems to get pretty close to the store-bought ones. More scary-looking fungi in there than I like, but at this point, it's better than the alternative.

Holy Mother of God


I saw a giant bat. Holy mother of God I saw a giant bat. And it saw me. And followed me back here. Dad was right. We're going to need to be a lot more careful out there from now on.

Sam's Terminal

Note: This desk terminal is located on the desk in the personal office of Sam Blackwell.


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink



Judy Says I Should Write


Judy says I should write. That recalling things and writing them down will help with my memory until she can find what she needs to brew up some more meds. So I'm writing.

When she's not taking care of her dad, she's been glued to the radio upstairs. Listening to folks crying for someone to save them.

Wondering why no one's coming. It's almost like no one listened to that interview at all.

Like I told her they wouldn't.

She's a good soul, which is why imagine this has been so hard for her. Because there's no place for people like that in this world anymore.

Free States Bunkers

Note: Accessing this entry adds xxxx to the PIP-Boy 3000 map.


Getting these down in case we need to get the gang back together:

Niraj & Abbie - due north of Thunder Mountain Power
Emma - east of Thunder Mountain Power
Raleigh - southwest of Dyer Chemical

Judy, I'm Sorry


I'm sorry, Judy.

Judy went out to collect mushrooms, part of a grand plan for a "Mushroom and Dandy Boy Apple casserole" which my stomach had been quietly fearing the whole day.

But she didn't come back.

I cycled through our best foraging spots, only to find her deep in conversation with two men. Two men we didn't know. Two men who could've recognized her.

I waited for them to part ways. If they were agents sent to find us, they clearly weren't good ones.

When I got back, I tried to keep calm, to remind her why we have to stay hidden. Remind her what telling the truth cost us. I ... got mad. That made her mad. Now she's upstairs and I need to get up the courage to say what's so damn easy to write.

I'm sorry, Judy. But with everything that been taken from us, I'm not about to lose you too.

Some Kind of Bat


I was out hunting today and I swear, some kind of bat the size of a Corvega came flying over the ridge. It perched and looked right at me. Through brush, trees, and 500 yards, it spun right towards me like I'd whipped a stone at its head.

Then it howled. Howled like a banshee. And started flying right at me.

I haven't run that fast since high school, dodging tree branches and brush. Could hear wings flapping, just behind my head. And then... darkness. Took me a good 15 seconds before I realized I'd fallen into a ditch. The bat screached, and I could hear it clawing at the ground above me for what sounded like an eternity, before finally giving up and flying off.

When I finally got back and told Judy, she looked me up and down, covered in sweat, dirt, and bruises and told me in that perfect doctor calm that there's a chance that what I saw, it might've been a side-effect of being off my meds.

She then turned, walked into the storeroom, and handed me the biggest gun we had. "Just, take this, too."

Judy's Gone


Judith Blackwell
Rest in Peace

Buried her up on the crest. The disease... it moved too fast. So fast. One minute she was fine and the next...


I recognized it. This disease. At least I think I did. An old memo maybe? Was this what we were chasing? Had "T" warned me about this?

I wanted to take her to the Congressional bunker. They could've fixed her, I know it. They would've executed me for treason... but maybe they'd let her live. But the maps weren't in the spots I thought they were and by the time I'd found them and built the stretcher...

I just watched her die.

Chatter on the radio coming from Harpers Ferry gets grimmer every day. Others out there are dying of the same thing.

And I can't do this on my own.

About time I went for a walk. Judy loved going for walks.

Don't forget this one, Sam.

Been a While


Things are going well at Harpers. Everyone either doesn't know who I am or pretends they don't. Raleigh has me working in the armory, cleaning weapons. Away from people. Good friend, that one.

Came back to get a dose of Addictol for a junkie that wandered in from the mountains, figured I'd relax here for a bit. Sleep's been harder to come by recently. Having trouble remembering what Judy said I should take to help. She's a good soul. But there's no place for people like that in this world anymore.

They Found Me


Two days ago, was in line for a bowl of soup at Harpers. One of the newcomers wouldn't take his eyes off me. Didn't think I noticed him watching. Thought wrong.

That night, I saw him walking outside the barrier. I followed. He was making some kind of recording. I couldn't risk it. Tried to make it look like an animal attack - messy, imprecise. Threw some pieces in the river.

Yesterday morning, uproar. People terrified about the attack. Made it too believable, I guess.

Last night, heard something fly over the town. Mechanical. Never saw anything. Stealthed, most likely. They're looking for him. For me. As soon as I couldn't hear the sound anymore, took my pack and ran back here.

Today, hung some meat in the cave. Try and draw in some local predators. Scare off anyone who might've followed me. Still have months of food in here. Should be safe for now.

Don't know what I was thinking, leaving this place. Won't be making that mistake again.