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Brotherhood call signs

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The Brotherhood of Steel in the East adopted a system of call signs for unique identification of units and vehicles in normal operations.

List of call signs[edit | edit source]

Units[edit | edit source]

Vehicles[edit | edit source]


  1. Cambridge police station terminals; Gladius Personnel Terminal, Recon Squad Gladius Orders: "Recon Squad Gladius's current orders are as follows:

    Proceed to the area designated as the "Commonwealth" to perform a standard Long Range Recon Operation (LRRO). Report any unusual activity using standard long-range communications to Scabbard. Extraction time undetermined.

    Paladin Danse (DN-407P)"
  2. 2.0 2.1 Deacon: "Scabbard, this is Claymore. Requesting clearance."
    Scabbard: "Claymore, you're cleared for launch bay 3. Deck officer is requesting an update on the police station."
    Deacon: "Uh... Hostiles eliminated."
    Scabbard: "Scimitar's status? Confirm."
    Deacon: "Scimitar took some fire. Should be up and running in a few hours."
    Scabbard: "We have a visual on you, Claymore. Your docking port's not open."
    Tinker Tom: "Which button is it? Uh. There."
    Scabbard: "Claymore. You're clear for approach."
    (Deacon's, Scabbard's, and Tinker Tom's dialogue)
  3. Prydwen terminals; Proctor Ingram's Terminal, Item 000377EM: "Type: Repair
    Status: Completed
    Completed By: Ingram IG-444PR
    Item: Vertibird Gunship "Vorpal"

    Vorpal threw a rotor on its last landing, so I hitched a ride with Spatha and headed out to the crash site. Pilot did a hell of a job bringing his bird down in one piece. All I had to do was recover the rotor and set it back in place. There's some minor plating damage on the starboard thruster, but I'll hammer it down when Vorpal gets back to the airport. Was nice to get away from the Prydwen for once. Hopefully I can convince Kells to let me head out with some future patrols."