Scare Tactics

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Scare Tactics
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Game tile Fallouit Shelter.png

Scare Tactics is a repeatable quest in Fallout Shelter.


With the Ghost Costumes in hand, it's time to head out to Vault 31 and confront the Raiders there once and for all!


Confront the Raiders at Vault 31.


  • We will, we promise! Here, take this... it's everything we have. (_Conversation_1_NPCEnd_1);
  • Wait, what? It's not a ghost... get 'em! (_Conversation_1_NPCEnd_2);
  • Huh? Hey! It's just a costume... get 'em! (_Conversation_1_NPCEnd_3);
  • Hallow-what? Hey! This ghost is a fake... get 'em! (_Conversation_1_NPCEnd_4);
  • What?! This place is really haunted? (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_1);
  • We cooked up that story so we could rob this Vault blind. (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_2);
  • We're sorry. Just don't hurt us! (_Conversation_1_NPCStart_3);
  • Boooo! Leave this place and never come baaaaaack! (_Conversation_1_Team_1);
  • Trick or treat! (_Conversation_1_Team_2);
  • I can't believe this actually worked. (_Conversation_1_Team_3);
  • Happy Halloween! (_Conversation_1_Team_4);

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