Scattered Journal Page No. 2

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Scattered Journal Page No. 2
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Scattered Journal Page No. 2 is a paper note in Fallout 76.

Location[edit | edit source]

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Transcript[edit | edit source]


November 13, 2085
If anyone else ever read this they'd think I'd gone mad, but I know what I saw: a giant goddamned bat in the sky!

About 2 months ago, the crew began making scavenge runs through the tunnels; we've actually gotten pretty good at navigating through them and, more often than not, we'd end up with a good haul.

But given enough time, you get sick of a diet of nothing but rat, so we thought we'd check out the Eastern Exit near Watoga, even though it's quite a hike. The first thing we see is the damn bat flying out of a hole in the ground like it's something straight out of an issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales. So, I guess that ends our trips to Big Bend East.

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