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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{Looks like an official, since he's wearing a uniform with an NCR badge on it.}
{101}{}{It's just a town guard.}
{102}{}{Let's see - tough guy, has a gun, has a badge, has armor - hmm, might be a guard.}
{103}{}{Welcome the NCR. Just to let you know, if you got weapons, keep 'em holstered. This ain't a gun-toting town, stranger.}
{104}{}{Welcome to NCR, capital of the New California Republic, President Tandi ruling.}
{105}{}{Greetings, stranger. Come to do business with NCR, have you?}
{106}{}{NCR welcomes you - provided you don't make trouble.}
{107}{}{Hey you, put your weapons away. NCR don't welcome that kind of trouble.}
{108}{}{Stranger, NCR's got laws and one of them's "No weapons." Put it away and there'll be no trouble.}
{109}{}{Read the sign on the way in? "No weapons," and we mean it. Understand?}
{110}{}{You drifters are all alike. This is a peaceful town - that means we don't need you toting hardware. Put your weapons away and there'll be no trouble.}
{111}{}{Gate's closed for the night. If you got pressing business, take it to the guardhouse.}
{112}{}{You gotta talk to the guard captain if you want through the gate.}
{113}{}{Kinda late for coming to town. Go see the captain; maybe she'll let you in.}
{114}{}{I'd turn and walk away real fast if I were you.}
{115}{}{You and your kind ain't welcome in NCR.}
{116}{}{Come any closer and you'll regret it.}
{117}{}{We've been warned about you, so just leave peacefully. Understand?}