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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You'd guess that even with the green hair and the scowl, she's the bartender of this joint.}
{101}{}{That's Mira. She mixes a mean Rad-A-Waster}
{102}{}{Well, she's young and attractive, but there's just a look in her eye that says she don't take no crap from anybody. That and the spiked knuckles hanging on the chain around her neck.}
{103}{}{Mira's the name. What'll ya have, stranger?}
{104}{}{Hello again. What'll it be?}
{106}{}{Vault 13?}
{108}{}{I don't care. Give me the house special.}
{109}{}{Gimme a beer}
{111}{}{I'm looking for work.}
{112}{}{Well, aren't you the one! Just the way I like them.}
{113}{}{Back again?}
{115}{}{Whoa - ya just worked Lenny. Immmpressive! Have a drink on the house.}
{116}{}{What ya did to Lenny - it was wicked!}
{117}{}{Oh my, a stunning conversationalist. What'll ya take - a Rad-A-Waster? Only ten bucks.}
{120}{}{You gonna buy a drink? $10.}
{123}{}{One Rad-A-Waster coming up! $10.}
{125}{}{Ten bucks? Too much for me.}
{126}{}{Sure, one buck.}
{128}{}{Too much money for me.}
{129}{}{You might try Merk in the back room.}
{130}{}{There's nothing for you here, stranger.}
{131}{}{Thanks, I guess.}
{132}{}{So, that it, stranger?}
{133}{}{Vault 13?}
{135}{}{Got a little time for some questions?}
{136}{}{Me go bye-bye.}
{137}{}{That's all.}
{138}{}{Get outta here, ya deadbeat!}
{139}{}{Sure, I got some time. That's what bartenders are supposed to do. Just don't get no ideas.}
{140}{}{For you, I always got time, baby. What ya want?}
{142}{}{Tell me about this town.}
{143}{}{Ever heard of Vault 13?}
{144}{}{I'm looking for a thing called a GECK. Know anything about it?}
{145}{}{What's the deal on this Merk guy?}
{146}{}{There's this cop in town saying some pretty harsh things about you. What's the deal?}
{147}{}{Well, that kills that idea.}
{148}{}{Name's NCR. Used to be Shady Sands, but after the Master's defeat, Aradesh and the others founded the Republic. Now, NCR sits right on the border. Everything south of here's Republic ruled.}
{149}{}{Word of advice. Keep your nose clean in town. Courts aren't too friendly to our types, if you know what I mean. Citizens got more rights than you.}
{150}{}{Look, that's all I got to say about that.}
{152}{}{A few more questions...}
{153}{}{Well, thanks. I'll remember that.}
{154}{}{Ya another one them whackos looking for lost treasure? Ya ought to go see Saltbeef Bob over at Westin's Ranch. He's always talking about treasure. Ya may have to wet his whistle though.}
{155}{}{Saltbeef? Me go.}
{156}{}{A few more questions...}
{157}{}{Well, thanks. I'll remember that.}
{158}{}{Ya tell me how to mix it and I'll pour it for ya.}
{159}{}{No drink. GECK is....GECK.}
{160}{}{It's not a drink. It's a Garden of Eden Creation Kit.}
{161}{}{A few more questions...}
{162}{}{Well, thanks. I'll remember that.}
{163}{}{He's a great guy. He's my boss. What ya expect me to say?}
{164}{}{A few more questions...}
{165}{}{Well, thanks. I'll remember that.}
{166}{}{That bastard....It was just a messy divorce, that's all.}
{167}{}{Well, how about we talk about something else?}
{168}{}{Well, I guess I'll be going.}
{169}{}{Oh, very informative. Look, ya might try Dr. Henry in town, but I got other things to do, Dumbo.}
{170}{}{Garden of Eden Creation Kit? Sounds technical. Ya might try looking up Dorothy, the city engineer. }
{171}{}{A few more questions...}
{172}{}{Well, thanks. I'll remember that.}
{173}{}{Hmm -- work? Want job? Help Mira?}
{176}{}{Listen -bad man hurt Mira. Bad man name Jack. Hurt bad man. Mira like ya, give ya nice gun. Good?}
{179}{}{Good! Mira have rope over wall. Go night. Find rope. Sneak in. Go big place by gate. Find Jack. Hurt Jack. Mira give ya gun.}
{180}{}{Go night. Find rope. Sneak in. Go big place by gate. Find Jack. Hurt Jack. Mira give ya gun. Now go away. Me be seen with ya - not good. Help Mira and come back. Understand?}
{181}{}{Mira hear Jack got hurt. Good work, Dumbo. Here gun, ya take. Thanks.}
{182}{}{Screw ya, too. I'm never gonna be free of that bastard.}
#latter additions
{183}{}{You need to talk to Merk, but he’s not here. Come back at night. That’s more his time.}
{184}{}{I don't know what you did to Lenny, but I wouldn't hang around here. It ain't gonna make you to popular.}
{185}{}{Hey, I warned you. Oh, well. ..}

{186}{}{You're Mira, right? Some cop was saying something about you.}
{187}{}{You Mira? Bad Jack say things.}
{188}{}{That bastard Jack? What'd he say now?}
{189}{}{Jack dead. Go boom.}
{190}{}{Me kill. Him bad man.}
{191}{}{I wouldn't worry about it. He's dead. Blew himself up at the power station.}
{192}{}{Not much now. I killed him.}
{193}{}{You're kidding? That's the best news I've had all day! I hope his brains made nice wallpaper. Damn psycho deserved it. Have a Rad-a-Waster on me.}
{194}{}{Me like.}
{195}{}{Me go now.}
{196}{}{Thanks - I guess. Say, got time for a question?}
{197}{}{Thanks. Just figured you ought to know.}
{198}{}{You did what? Oh, if I wasn't on duty, I'd climb over this bar and... well, kiss you. The little prick deserved it. In fact, don't tell anyone but I was hoping to get some stupid ox to do the job for me. Had a little reward all set aside. It's yours now - as far as I'm concerned you earned it.}
{199}{}{Thanks - I guess. Say, got time for a question?}
{200}{}{Thanks. Just figured you ought to know.}
{201}{}{Dumbo, you've made me the happiest woman around! I got a little present for you, right here behind the bar. It's all yours.}
{202}{}{Me like Mira.}
{203}{}{Me like gun. Me go bye bye.}