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Location(s)West Virginia
Sonic attack damage
Area of Effect damage
Cloak damage
Strafing damage
Landing damage
Take-off damage
Unarmed damage

Scorchbeast is a creature found in Fallout 76.

Background[edit | edit source]

Main article: Scorchbeasts

The first scorchbeast was accidentally created when Enclave scientists exposed irradiated bats to biochemical experiments in early 2083. Although it would have been a wiser choice to exterminate them, Secretary Eckhart ordered further study of the creatures in controlled habitats at the abandoned AMS mining complexes, while keeping the officer corps in the dark.[1] The future President wanted - needed - a way to fool the region's monitoring systems into believing that they were under immediate threat, raising the alert level to DEFCON 1 and giving him access to the nuclear arsenal. Although kept in isolation, theoretically, individual beasts made it to the surface at disturbingly regular intervals, as early as 2084.[2] Despite increasing opposition from the officer corps, Eckhart finally unleashed them on the region in 2086, creating a pestilence that threatened to render the human race extinct on a continental scale.[3]

The people of the wasteland first learned about the Scorchbeasts from reports issued by the Brotherhood of Steel under Paladin Taggerty. Although they dismissed them as pure stories to give Taggerty an excuse to commandeer ammo and supplies, they were soon proven wrong by their appearance and the plague that followed in their wake. The Scorched, terrifying, warped creatures created out of humans afflicted by the scorchbeast plague have become an existential threat to the people of Appalachia.[4] The situation is made worse by the fact that their breeding cycles are off the charts, limited only by the available nest space in the mining tunnels below Appalachia.[5]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Main article: Scorchbeasts

Scorchbeasts. The name conjures terrifying images of huge mutated bats that poison the ground and warp living creatures into deadly thralls: The Scorched. Mutated from Chiroptera (bats), they are the size of a small car, highly aggressive, dangerously radioactive, and release the aforementioned plague. They aren't strictly nocturnal and are equally willing to move alone or in small groups.[4]

The beasts are potent foes. Responders came up with a number of tactics to fight it, which boil down to doing everything in their power to keep away from it and finding an enclosed space to fire from, as Scorchbeasts are simply too big to fit into small spaces. Coupled with the radiation they emit, Rad-X is also recommended.[4]

Notably, scorchbeasts can use echolocation to call in ground reinforcements.[5]

Drops[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Scorchbeasts appear in Fallout 76.

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