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Scouts' Life
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Scouts' Life is a magazine in Fallout 76.

Background[edit | edit source]

A periodical focused on survival in the great outdoors, now quite useful after the nuclear holocaust as well. The publication was originally aimed at West Virginia Pioneer Scouts, as The Scout Magazine, with each issue costing 33 dollars.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Finding an issue of Scout's Life will temporarily give the player a unique bonus, like reduced damage from insects or increased carry weight. All bonuses expire after 30 minutes.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Issue Contents Effect Location
Scoutslifehighpoly 01.png

  • Purifying the Wilderness by Mark Hall
  • Gain 30% less radiation from food and drink.
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  • Packing for the Trail: Special hiking section on all the outdoor essentials.
  • +10 carry capacity
Scoutslifehighpoly 03.png

  • Healthy Hiking: Endurance
  • Reduces Hunger and Thirst accumulation by 30%.
Scoutslifehighpoly 04.png

  • Hang in there! Special feature on wilderness medical aid
  • Bleedout timer is twice as long.
Scoutslifehighpoly 05.png

  • Identifying Rabies and Other Diseases by Richard Williams
  • Reduces the chance to catch disease from creatures by 80%.
Scoutslifehighpoly 06.png

  • Campfire: Special Edition by James Wood
  • Placing a CAMP costs 80% fewer caps.
Scoutslifehighpoly 07.png

  • The Animal Whisperer: Define your place in the wilderness.
  • Take 25% less damage from animals.
Scoutslifehighpoly 08.png

  • Natural Mosquito Repellants by Dwight Smith
  • Take 25% less damage from insects.
Scoutslifehighpoly 09.png

  • Long Haul Sprinter: Exercise plans to stay fit for the trails
  • Sprinting costs 20% fewer AP.
Scoutslifehighpoly 10.png

  • Maintaining Your Gear: Keep your weapons fresh!
  • Equipped items lose condition 30% more slowly.

Gallery[edit | edit source]