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The following article contains the transcript of a text file containing localized strings used by the game's characters, items, scripts, or interface.

{100}{}{You see a scrawny old guy with a pen stuck behind his ear and spectacles balanced on the end of his nose.}
{101}{}{It's Vortis, the owner of this slave pen.}
{102}{}{He's got about three teeth. His fingers and shirt are stained with blue ink. There's a really faded slaver's tattoo on his forehead.}
{103}{}{So what do you want?}
{104}{}{Brother, welcome to Vortis' hall. How can I help you?}
{105}{}{You're starting to annoy me.}
{106}{}{This place is my place and I, Vortis, run an honest and legitimate busines no matter what anybody in NCR tells you. Since NCR doesn't allow slaves inside the gates, I mind them for folks who've got business inside.}
{107}{}{What are you, dense? This is a slave pen. I got licenses for it.}
{109}{}{Just got some questions.}
{110}{}{I'm looking for work.}
{112}{}{Not outhouse? Me go away.}
{113}{}{What's this place do?}
{114}{}{Nothing. Wrong place.}
{115}{}{Oh, look - the goody two-shoes, lollipop kid. Boys, escort this hypocritical paragon of saintly virtue out of my sight!}
{116}{}{Fuck this.}
{118}{}{I'm looking for Vault 13.}
{119}{}{Do you have a GECK?}
{120}{}{What can you tell me about this town?}
{121}{}{You're slaver scum! Why shouldn't I kill you?}
{122}{}{I heard there's these guys - New California Rangers. They been giving you any trouble?}
{123}{}{Mind if I have a look around?}
{124}{}{Work? Well...there might be something. You ever hear of the New California Rangers?}
{127}{}{Fuck you. Boys, escort this annoying crud out of my sight.}
{128}{}{Bite me!}
{129}{}{Vault 13! Get outta here. Damn place is a myth. Vault 13, my ass.}
{130}{}{Another question...}
{131}{}{Well, thanks for nothing.}
{132}{}{A what? Well, whatever it is, I ain't got it.}
{133}{}{Another question...}
{134}{}{Well, thanks for nothing.}
{135}{}{New California Republic - nothing but temperance types and merchants. Got a bug about slavers and slavery, but what the hell, it makes my business.}
{136}{}{Another question...}
{137}{}{Thanks, got to go.}
{138}{}{Somebody steered you wrong. I don't have no trouble with nobody - especially not no Rangers. I'm all legal, so there ain't nothing on me.}
{139}{}{Another question...}
{140}{}{Whatever you say. I'll be going.}
{141}{}{Yeah, I may have some feelings about the Rangers. You looking for work?}
{144}{}{No, you may not go nosing around, shit-for-brains! This ain't a museum!}
{145}{}{Another question...}
{146}{}{You're too touchy for me. I'm leaving.}
{147}{}{Well then, you should know some folks see them as a potential problem. It would be extremely useful if we had a map of their safe houses through the north - New Reno, Klamath, wherever. I'd be willing to pay, oh say, $500 for something like that. You think you could get that for me?}
{149}{}{I don't think so.}
{150}{}{Let me tell you, then. These Rangers have got it in their heads to wipe out slavery and slavers - by force. They've been creating a lot of trouble for hard working folks.}
{151}{}{They work in secret, especially up north.}
{152}{}{Jeez, I got to spell this out for you? They raid slavers, drive off the stock, and smuggle 'em down south to NCR lands where slavery's illegal. So you interested?}
{153}{}{There is no "and"! You want the job or not?}
{155}{}{So what you want me to do?}
{156}{}{Fine. When you get me a map, I'll be here.}
{157}{}{Where am I going to find a map?}
{158}{}{Okay, I got some other questions, though.}
{159}{}{I'm on it. I'll see you then.}
{160}{}{How the hell should I know!? If I knew, I'd have it, wouldn't I? Look, there's supposed to be a cell in town. Find them and see what you can do.}
{161}{}{Just a few more questions.}
{162}{}{Alright. I'll be back.}
{163}{}{You're back again. Did you get that map?}
{166}{}{I'm still waiting for you to finish the first job!}
{167}{}{Oh yeah, I forgot}
{168}{}{Not since you did your job. Thanks.}
{169}{}{Just a question or two.}
{170}{}{No problem. Bye.}
{171}{}{Good work. Now you best make yourself scarce, in case those Rangers ever wise up.}
{172}{}{Pleasure doing business.}
{173}{}{Well don't hang around here, you moron! Somebody'll get suspicious.}
{174}{}{All right, I get the hint.}
{175}{}{What the fuck? Guards! We got an intruder!}
{176}{}{Go in there and I'll blow your head off. Understand?}