Searchlight fire station

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Searchlight fire station
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Part ofCamp Searchlight
QuestsWheel of Fortune
Cell NameCampSearchlightFireStation01
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The Searchlight fire station is an unmarked location in Camp Searchlight in Fallout: New Vegas.

The station is locked with the Searchlight fire station key, which can only be obtained from Logan.

Layout[edit | edit source]

The station has two floors. The ground floor contains the fire engine garage, cleared out during the Great War to make way for the San Onofre nuclear waste trucks. Most of the firemen gear has been left behind by both scavengers and the Republic's soldiers. Bodies of legionaries lay by the opened nuclear waste flasks, by a radscorpion queen that moved in with her pack after the Legion dislodged the NCR Army from Searchlight.

The upper floor contains the quarters of the firemen, converted into barracks for NCR soldiers. The fire chief's office became an administrative office, while the quarters that belonged to on duty firemen were occupied by NCR soldiers, using the bathrooms and kitchen for their own purposes. Apparently, one of the soldiers dressed up as a fireman even, but had the misfortune of using the toilet when the Legion unleashed the radiation on the town.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Searchlight fire station only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.