Seneca Clarkson

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Mentioned-only character
Seneca Clarkson
Biography and appearance
AffiliationStatesman Hotel
LocationStatesman Hotel
Mentioned inFallout 3

Ms. Clarkson was found dead in Room 302 in the bed in a state of undress. She had been suffocated by a plastic bag placed over her head and couldn't help herself from this predicament due to her limbs being tied to the bedposts. The man who reported the incident was takinQuoted verbatim, error appeared in the original sourceIcon sic.png into custody and told us that "It was only a bit of fun!" Ms. Clarkson is well known to be a highly valued escort for this facility, and it is assumed she perished in the line of duty.

— Statesman Hotel staff.

Seneca Clarkson was a pre-War prostitute who worked at the Statesman Hotel in Washington, D.C., in 2077.

Background[edit | edit source]

In an incident involving Seneca Clarkson, Tom Mallone had to be treated at Our Lady of Hope Hospital after having suffered a severe groin pull by her.[1] Seneca Clarkson was later found dead in room 302 of the hotel, suffocated with a plastic bag over her head and tied to the bed posts, with the man present at the time claiming it had "just been a bit of fun".[2]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Seneca Clarkson is mentioned only Fallout 3.