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Following the nuclear devastation, languages evolved and the wasteland is replete with unique words and terms, sometimes created from zero, sometimes created through adapting existing words.

General wasteland[edit | edit source]

New California[edit | edit source]

Capital Wasteland[edit | edit source]

Faction-specific[edit | edit source]

Bright Brotherhood[edit | edit source]

  • Demon - Nightkin.
  • Far Beyond - travel destination of the ghouls in outer space.
  • Great Journey - the pilgrimage the ghouls want to undergo.
  • The Creator - God.

Caesar's Legion[edit | edit source]

Chairmen[edit | edit source]

  • Fink - a derogatory term used to denote police informants and/or used to describe someone strongly disliked.[151] Also used for cowards and traitors.

Chairmen & Omertas[edit | edit source]

  • Not-At-Home - a mocking term that refers to Mr. House and his hands-off way of running the New Vegas Strip and his tendency to remain ostensibly neutral in Strip affairs.[152]

The Church of the Children of Atom and Apostles of the Holy Light[edit | edit source]

  • Atom, Undying Glow, Glow, Atom's Light, Atom's Glow - different names used to represent the cult's deity, nuclear weapons.
  • Great Division - the Great War and a nuclear explosion.
  • Holy Water, Waters of the Glow - irradiated water.
  • Scouring - removing radiation one has accumulated.[153]
  • Long Division - extended wait to be vaporized by a nuclear detonation.
  • His Glow, the Glow - radiation that persists in the world, particularly the wavelengths that glow.
  • Mother of the Fog - one of the most holy symbols of the Children of Atom. She is seen as a messenger from Atom himself who acts as a guide to those important to His plans and the future of this family[154] (on Mount Desert Island[155]).

Dead Horses[edit | edit source]

Little Lamplight[edit | edit source]

  • Monsters - super mutants.
  • Mungo - adult.

Nuka-World raiders[edit | edit source]

  • Vic - an abbreviation for Victim.
  • Overboss - the term used for the raider boss that rules over the other bosses at Nuka-World.

Pitt raiders[edit | edit source]

  • Scab - an derogatory term for Pitt slaves.
  • Grinder - another colloquial term for a Pitt slave, but less derogatory.

Treeminders[edit | edit source]

  • Him, His Frondescence, Great One, The Lord, The One Who Grows, Gives, and Guides, The Talking Tree - Harold.[166][167]
  • Harvest Month - A term for the time period when Bob’s seed pods ripen and disperse their seeds which results in the creation of new trees, grass, and plants.[168]

The Railroad[edit | edit source]

Shi[edit | edit source]

Slags[edit | edit source]

  • Surfacer(s) - a term used by the underground dwellers to anyone dwelling on the surface.[176][177][178]

Sorrows[edit | edit source]

State of Utobitha[edit | edit source]

Sudden-Death Overtime[edit | edit source]

  • Faceoff - originally from the term face-off, it is now the method used to begin battle. The two groups line up in opposition to each other, and they fight each other to the death.[181][182]
  • Game - fast paced fight.[183][184]
  • Miss - when failing to accomplish something.[185]
  • Penalty/Penalty box - a wrong doing, one that results in death.[186][187][188][189]
  • Period - a round of a fight.[183]
  • Powerplay - when one team has the numerical advantage over the other, specifically in a fight.[189]
  • Up on the scoreboard - a substitute for "on the table."[181][182]
  • Slapshots - an extremely hard move, such as tricking someone.[189]
  • Team captain - the leader.[190]
  • Teamwork - a word said in exuberation.[191]

Vault City[edit | edit source]

  • Servant(s) - doublespeak for slave.
  • Outworld - any place not of Vault City, also an alternate term for wasteland, derived from how Vault City citizens do not think of anything outside of Vault City is part of their world.[192]
  • Outworlder - people not of Vault City; interchangeable with Outsider, although it may have a more direct meaning of "a person not of my world."

Triggermen[edit | edit source]

  • Ice - to kill or murder someone.[193]

Commonwealth[edit | edit source]

Maine[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

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