Sierra mission statement

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Sierra mission statement
Value$ 50
Prototype ID00000478
Dialogue FilePRO ITEM.MSG (Fallout 2)

The Sierra mission holodisk is a holodisk in Fallout 2.




Sierra Army Depot
Mission Statement 1942 - 1991
Store and maintain a defensive supply of military ordnance. In the event of an invasion Sierra Army Depot is to lend support to neighboring military bases ensuring they are properly supplied and equipped.

Sierra Army Depot
Mission Statement 1992 - 2050
Responsible for the demilitarization of stores of surplus ammunition that have been deemed unfit or obsolete for military purposes. This mission is to be overseen by the Industrial Operations Command (IOC) in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), providing a greener cleaner way to dispose of military ordnance.

Sierra Army Depot
Mission Statement 2050 - 2076
Level 5 Clearance Required
Base is to be refurbished with the latest in technology and is to be used as a secret research installation for developing and testing robotic, biological and conventional weapons.

Sierra Army Depot
Mission Statement 2077
Due to trained personnel shortage, Sierra Army Depot is to be modified into an automated defense base. All personnel to be relocated to neighboring installations or sent to the front line.