Signal Alfa Lima

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Radio Signal Alfa Lima
Broadcast Tower KB5.jpg
Activator IDFFHamRadio03
ref id0842CA
Talking Activator IDFFRadioSignal03
ref id01FE3F
Quest NameFFRadioSignals03
base id01FE4E

Signal Alfa Lima is a radio transmission being broadcasted from broadcast tower KB5 in the Capital Wasteland.

Activating the broadcast[edit | edit source]

The electrical switch can be found just at the tower and will turn power on if activated. This starts the Morse code signal, broadcasting on a loop.

Drainage chamber[edit | edit source]

If you go east-southeast of the tower and drop off a small cliff, you will land practically on top of a sewer grate to a drainage chamber. Once you enter, you will find an average locked door. There is also a skeleton here with a N99 10mm pistol, bobby pin, and a Tumblers Today. Inside will be some supplies including a pre-War book and motorcycle parts. As with all the drainage chamber stations, there is a ham radio that lets you toggle the broadcast.

Morse code[edit | edit source]

The Morse code translation of the broadcast is:

-.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.-. --.- -.. . / .- .-.. .- .-.. .- .-.. -.-

This translates to "Seeking all stations, this is... Alfa Lima... Alfa Lima... Alfa Lima... Over." It is emanating from one of nine encoded broadcasting stations.