Silva Homestead

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Silva Homestead
F76 Silva Homestead 1.png
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Part ofThe Forest
FactionsArktos Pharma (formerly)
  • <LocTypeFastTravelDestination>
  • <LocLootScaleSmall>
  • <LocThemeOutdoors>
  • <LocRegionForestFloodlands>
  • <LocTypeClearable>
  • <LocTypeDungeon>
  • <LocTypeDungeonPOI>
  • TerminalsSilva Homestead terminals

    Silva Homestead is a location in Fallout 76.

    Background[edit | edit source]

    This large farm was a participant in Arktos Pharma's trials of chemical compounds meant to accelerate the growth of plants. Stated in May 2077, the program quickly yielded dividends, instilling optimism for the future... Especially October 2077.[1]

    Points of interest[edit | edit source]

    • This large farm is spread out over the southeastern side of the road passing through the area. The house is damaged, but contains a magazine and a bobblehead spawn point, together with an armor workbench out back. There's also a safe in the upstairs master bedroom.
    • The barn up the hill contains another bobblehead spawnpoint by the terminal - and a Pharmabot once used to fertilize the crops with Arktos' experimental chemicals. Out the back is a weapons workbench.
    • The tractor barn to the southwest is of greatest interest, as it contains a power armor station with a random power armor, a magazine spawn point, and two weapons workbenches.
    • While not technically part of the homestead, the ruined cottage on the other side of the road has some minor loot, harvestable plants, and a tinker's workbench.

    Notable loot[edit | edit source]

    • Power armor: In the tractor barn.
    • Bobbleheads (2): Silva house and Arktos storage.
    • Magazines (2): Silva house and power armor barn.

    Appearances[edit | edit source]

    Silva Homestead appears in Fallout 76.