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Siri's dialogue

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Siri's dialogue
Game Information
Data FileFalloutNV.esm

Full dialogue table

Dialogue file
Combat Assault Assault I'm sorry! I'm sorry! vDialogueC_Assault_00175103_1
Combat Assault Assault I'm not a threat to anyone! vDialogueC_Assault_00175104_1
Combat Assault Assault What did I do wrong? vDialogueC_Assault_00175105_1
Combat Assault Assault Please, no more! vDialogueC_Assault_00175106_1
Combat AcceptYield AcceptYield {confused - never had anyone surrender}Huh. I guess it's all right, then. vDialogueC_AcceptYield_001750DC_1
Combat Flee Flee I'm just slave! I'm not worth it! vDialogueC_Flee_00175261_1
Combat Flee Flee I don't want to die! vDialogueC_Flee_00175262_1
Combat Flee Flee Mercy! vDialogueC_Flee_00175263_1
Combat Attack Attack I'm no Legionary, but I'll kill you all the same! vDialogueC_Attack_001751F3_1
Combat Attack Attack I'll take you down with me! vDialogueC_Attack_001751F4_1
Combat Attack Attack You pushed me too far! vDialogueC_Attack_001751F5_1
Combat Attack Attack I'll kill you! vDialogueC_Attack_001751F6_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Lucky 38 re-lit}The great tower of the enemy city blazes with light. What does it mean? vDialogueC_GREETING_00175518_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Wild Child 1}Sometimes friend, sometimes foe. No one knows what to make of you. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175519_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Wild Child 2}I've heard stories about you. No one knows what you'll do next. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017551A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Wild Child 3}I'm not looking for trouble. You can ignore me. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017551B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {apologetic - got in someone's way}Excuse me. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017551C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Random}My feet are killing me. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017551D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {low voice}It's said that you were responsible for Caesar's death. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017551E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Brotherhood destroyed}The Legionaries are pleased - an enemy called the Brotherhood of Steel is dead. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017551F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Great Khans attack everyone at Dam}The Great Khans tribe went mad. During the battle at the Dam, they attacked both the Legion and the NCR. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175520_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Camp Forlorn Hope destroyed}The Legion has won a great victory over the NCR at a place called Forlorn Hope. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175521_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Mr. House Unplugged/Killed}I've heard that a great enemy of the Legion was assassinated in New Vegas. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175522_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Caesar cured}Caesar was ill, but now he lives. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175523_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Companion Reaction - Rex}How disgusting. You can see that strange mechanical mongrel's brain. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175524_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Companion Reaction - Raul}Ugh. One of the burned people walks in our camp. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175525_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Companion Reaction - ED-E}What a strange floating robot. Is it useful for anything? vDialogueC_GREETING_00175526_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Companion Reaction - Lily}What is that thing? I've never seen a blue mutant. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175527_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Rumors of Legion Veterans}I overheard some of the Legionaries say that more veterans from the eastern campaigns will be summoned to the Fort. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175528_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Mr. House victory}The leader of New Vegas and his army of robots has defeated both the NCR and the Legion. What will happen now? vDialogueC_GREETING_00175529_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {NCR victory}There's talk that many of the ranking Legionaries will be beheaded for allowing the NCR to defeat the Legion yet again. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017552A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Legion Veterans arriving}A great battle is coming. Many veterans of the Legion have begun arriving from the east. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017552B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Caesar dead}There are many rumors about who'll lead the Legion now that Caesar is dead. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017552C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Player completed Securitron bunker mission}That was quite an explosion a while ago. We felt the ground shake! vDialogueC_GREETING_0017552D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Great Khans unaltered/helping Caesar}I've heard rumors that one of the tribes west of the river may join the Legion. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017552E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Random}The work never ends... vDialogueC_GREETING_0017552F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Random}So many tasks to attend to... vDialogueC_GREETING_00175530_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Random}I need to rest. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175531_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Thug 3}It's best if I'm not seen talking to you. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175532_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Thug 2}Be careful, or you'll end up being crucified. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175533_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Thug 1}The Legionaries grumble about you. Be careful. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175534_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Hated 3}The Legionaries want to kill you. Please don't get me involved. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175535_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Hated 2}The Legion hates you. Why do you come here? vDialogueC_GREETING_00175536_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Hated 1}Please - I'll be in trouble if the Legionaries see you speaking to me. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175537_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Mixed 3}You're trouble, I can tell. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175538_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Mixed 2}Be careful - the Legionaries aren't sure they can trust you. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175539_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Mixed 1}You're not quite an enemy, nor are you a friend. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017553A_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Rascal 3}Your favor with the Legion grows, I've heard. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017553B_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Rascal 2}Some of the Legionaries talk about you with growing respect. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017553C_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Rascal 1}I'm honored to serve. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017553D_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Liked 3}Someone as important as you noticing me? I'm flattered. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017553E_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Liked 2}The Legionaries speak highly of you. I'm not worthy of your attention. vDialogueC_GREETING_0017553F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Liked 1}It's an honor to be noticed by one so favored by the Legion. vDialogueC_GREETING_00175540_1
Topic GREETING GREETING What do you need? GenericAdult_GREETING_00175434_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic019 I'd like some healing powder. I can only do that if you're a friend of the Legion. I don't want to get crucified. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00136915_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic019 I'd like some healing powder. Here. Come back in a day if you need more. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00136916_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic019 I'd like some healing powder. I can't give you any more right now. Come back in a day. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00136917_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic022 About the effectiveness of your healing powders... What about it? Do you have some advice? VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0013691B_1
Conversation GOODBYE Goodbye. Okay. VFreeformTheFort_GOODBYE_001543B5_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic017 You're a doctor? I never finished my training - the Legion saw to that when they overran my town. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0013691A_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic017 You're a doctor? I do know basic first aid, but I've had to rely on tribal remedies to treat illnesses and injuries - healing powders and all that. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0013691A_2
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic017 You're a doctor? I'm always running low on xander root. Plenty of broc flowers, though. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0013691A_3
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic010 What do you know about Legate Lanius? The Legate is not a man to be crossed, especially if you're a woman. That's all I will say about it. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0015735A_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic005 Tell me about the Burned Man. A vengeful spirit, some of the more superstitious women claim. He was a great leader of the Legion before he failed {KAI-zar}Caesar. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0015735C_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic005 Tell me about the Burned Man. The story says he was set on fire and thrown into the Grand Canyon, but his angry spirit rose from the ashes of his corpse, looking for revenge. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0015735C_2
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic005 Tell me about the Burned Man. Nonsense, probably, but there's no doubt that many in the Legion believe he's still alive somehow. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0015735C_3
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic018 Do you have anything for sale? For sale? I'm a slave, not a merchant. I could give you some healing powder every day, but you'd have to be a friend of the Legion. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00136918_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic018 Do you have anything for sale? For sale? I'm a slave, not a merchant. I could give you some supplies every day, though - you are, after all, a friend of the Legion. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_00136919_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic020 < Survival 20 > You are using one broc flower per xander root, right? [SUCCEEDED] Oh - I've been using two roots per flower. Thanks to you, I'll be able to create twice as much healing powder per day. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0013691E_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic020 < Survival 20 > Maybe you could try using different plants and herbs? [FAILED] I'd rather not go experimenting. Some of these wasteland plants are toxic. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0013691F_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic023 Never mind. Was there something else? VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0013691C_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic006 How are women treated around here? We're property. If you're too young or too old, the men usually leave you alone. Usually. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001271E6_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic006 How are women treated around here? We're property. If you're too young or too old, the men usually leave you alone. Usually. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001271E7_1 VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001271E6_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic006 How are women treated around here? You ought to be careful, yourself. I overheard some of the Legionaries talking about "trying you out." VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_001271E7_2
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic000 Goodbye. Okay. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0011F9CE_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic001 I have some questions about you. What do you want to know? VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0011FBB7_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic002 How long have you been a slave? Three years and counting. If I could just get across the river, I'd be free. Not that I'd try it - I've seen what happens when you get caught. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0011FBB6_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic003 Let's talk about something else. All right. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0011FBB3_1
Topic VFreeformTheFortFortSiriTopic004 Where are you from? A small town in New Mexico. The Legion burned it a few years back - that's how I ended up here. VFreeformT_VFreeformTheFor_0011FC47_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Male PC}If you're injured, I might have healing powder to spare. VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_0011F9CD_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Female PC - surprise, tinged with envy}A free woman. It's... been awhile since I've seen a woman who wasn't a slave. {"forget" as in she's a slave who's forgotten her position, and shouldn't be rambling}I forget myself - are you injured? VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_0015439F_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Caesar dead}With {KAI-zar}Caesar dead, I'm afraid for the women. The Legate is a brutal man, and he enjoys inflicting pain. VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_00157368_1
Topic GREETING GREETING {Caeser cured}{wistful}I had hoped to become a great doctor like you someday. VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_001579A6_1
Topic GREETING GREETING You got Melody her bear back. Very kind of you. VFreeformTheFort_GREETING_00136920_1