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Skill magazines are special items which temporarily increase the player character's skills by 10 points (or add 5% to their critical chance) when used. The effect lasts one minute.

Effects of magazines do not stack. Using another one while the previous bonus is active will simply reset the duration.

Related perks[edit | edit source]

List of skill magazines[edit | edit source]

Name Skill/ability Fallout: NV
Boxing Times Unarmed Yes
Fixin' Things Repair Yes
Future Weapons Today Energy Weapons Yes
Lad's Life Survival Yes
¡La Fantoma! Sneak Yes
Locksmith's Reader Lockpick Yes
Meeting People Speech Yes
Milsurp Review Guns Yes
Patriot's Cookbook Explosives Yes
Programmer's Digest Science Yes
Salesman Weekly Barter Yes
Tæles of Chivalrie Melee Weapons Yes
Today's Physician Medicine Yes
True Police Stories Critical chance Yes

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