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Sneak sight is an effect granted by wearing either a Riot gear helmet or its superior versions, the Advanced riot gear helmet or the Elite riot gear helmet. It is not necessary to be wearing the matching pieces of armor in order to receive the effect from the helmets.

To activate sneak sight, simply crouch. When activating sneak mode, a soft mechanical whirring similar to a camera lens can be heard as sneak sight takes effect.

While outside, the player's vision will appear to be as if in black and white, however when indoors, the player's vision has more of a reddish tint, and appears to be more like sepia. There is a brief delay of about a second after entering an indoor area as the player's vision adjusts from black and white to sepia, although there is no perceptible delay when switching from sepia to black and white upon exiting from indoors to outside.

This effect will cancel out once you exit sneak mode, although the other effects remain as long as the helmet is worn and do not require Sneak Sight to be active.

When the Sneak sight effect cancels out, a blueish white haze passes across the player's field of vision obscuring visibility for less than a second as normal night vision & full color vision returns.

Like the Varmint rifle night scope this effect only works from 6:00PM to 6:00AM (18.00 to 06.00) or while indoors.


  • The "sneak sight" ability will not last forever, you will have to go out of sneak mode for a while to let it recharge. The ability can however, kick back in while you are in sneak mode, you do not need to enter into sneak mode in order to activate it once it has recharged.
  • This effect takes advantage of the same feature of the Gamebryo engine that makes Night-Eye possible in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and powers the Cateye chem effect.