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For the weapon in Old World Blues, see Sonic emitter (weapon).
Sonic emitter
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QuestsAnt Misbehavin'
Base ID0010417f

The sonic emitter is a miscellaneous item in Fallout: New Vegas.


This gadget emits high frequency sound waves that disorient and ultimately kill giant ants. All one needs to do is place it in the ants colony and the sounds waves will do the work.


You receive this item during the quest Ant Misbehavin' if you got to Loyal and pass a Speech or Science check of 50.


  • It kills the ants in the building and counts these deaths for the Bug Stomper challenge but you don't get experience for those kills.

Behind the scenes

  • Depending on the player's Science skill, when talking to Loyal about it for the science check, if your skill is too low, there will be a Spinal Tap reference in which the player will say "Turn it up to 11!"


  • It can become stuck in your inventory after the quest if you didn't place it into an ant mound. To remove it, open the console and type player.removeitem 10417f 1.